Chapter 14

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Narrator POV

Everyone in Remnant now knows the existence of UNSC & SA that appeared out of nowhere. It also that Jaune is alive and he's a leader of the new group which makes Cardin and other students shocked and surprised to hear it. They question themselves of where they come from and why they're here for. These questions will be waiting for they will go to Atlas to meet the councils.

Next day...

Jaune and his friends are onboard the pelican as they went to Atlas to have settle with the councils. As they arrived, they went out of the pelican with 3 marines and 3 elites to protect them from anyone that attempt to take their lives. As they walk on, they see Winter and 2 AKs beside her waiting for them.

Winter:" Ah. You're here. The councils in this way."

Albert:" Okay then."

They follow her to lead to the council room. Then, she decides to talk to them.

Winter:" So, it seems like you are the ones that takedown White fangs bases in each direction, correct?"

Johnson:" That's right. We just want to make sure that innocent people won't die. Humans and Faunus are needed for our help."

Winter:" Impressive. Your military is quite amazed to able to destroy all Grimms with your men, and also, your aliens too."

One of the elite growled at her like he wanted to kill her but another elite calms him down.

As she continues saying to them.

Winter:" So, Mr. Arc. Where did you find these people?"

Jaune:" That's classified."

Winter:" Excuse me?"

Johnson:" We won't tell you about our history so you can shut your mouth."

She's feeling a bit of angry about how rude he is. Then, she said.

Winter:" You should know, I'm a rank of lieutenant of Atlas while you are a rank of sergeant of— what is called again?"

Miranda:" UNSC."

Winter:" And what stands for?"

Miranda:" You will know when we get there."

She said with her hostile tone. She has a feeling that Jaune's officers and his men don't like Atlas so much and so as her. As they get in the room, they see the councils are sitting there, waiting for them. They saw camera crews are broadcasting to other kingdoms that people are watching now. They also see Gen. Ironwood and one that makes them hate so much is Jacque Schnee. Jaune and his friends went to sit down to start.

Councilor 1:" Alright, now we all here, let's talk. Mr. Jaune Arc, you lied away in the Beacon academy with your fake transcript, you disappear in beacon academy since your fake transcript was exposed and now, a leader of this 'UNSC'. Tell me, how did you meet them during your disappearance?"

He stands up and said to them.

Jaune:" I was being teleported to their world by a portal I found in the structure."

Councilor 2:" A structure? What kind of structure?"

Jaune:" I don't know exactly sure. But it did help me to escape from the Grimms when I defended the villagers from those monsters."

They whispered themselves to see that he's telling a truth. Ironwood and Jacque look at each other and look back at Jaune and his men.

Then, they said.

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