Chapter 42

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I watched Nicolae bend down and touch the dirt, evaluating the the tracks on the ground. It was fascinating to listen in on his mind as he was; every minute detail had meaning for him and played into the bigger picture of what it meant. We took off through the forest again, following the trail, heading back toward town. The trail eventually led us to the back of the Templar compound where we hid and just observed for a while. So it's definitely a Templar then. See where he was sneaking in and out of the compound there, Nicolae thought, pointing to a particular spot that seemed to lead into a building that had been one of the ones that we had noticed the last time we had observed the compound.

But how to get a look around? How to locate our Templar and take him out? I blocked Nicolae from my mind just as a thought manifested. "Sasha," Nicolae used my name as a whispered warning. "Come on, let's go. We've spent most of the day here and seen nothing. I may have an idea but I haven't thought it through yet, and you're not going to like it I'm afraid," I said. We flew across town, back to the mansion. I went into his study; this was going to take some convincing. "Alright, Sasha. What is this idea that I'm not going to like?" Nicolae asked. I got a sheepish look on my face and shrugged, "A party."

Now he was confused. "A party?" "A private party with a particular blue-eyed Templar," I said, looking at him. "No, Sasha, absolutely not! There would be no way for any of us to protect you if you got into trouble. You would literally be walking into the nest of all the Templars alone. It couldn't get any more unsafe than that! I don't think that even Viktor would approve of that, Sasha." "Well, I guess there's only one way to find out," I said. Before Nicolae could even object I brought my phone up to my face to give Viktor a call. He picked up immediately and spoke coldly, "Report." Yup, still pissed at me. "Nicolae and I were able to track the human scent to the Templar compound. The human involved in the drug scene is a Templar."

Silence. O-kay. Pissy pants. A laugh escaped Nicolae but he started coughing to cover it. "I have an idea for how to get an inside look into the compound, by using my previous source but it would mean going into the compound, to his apartment with him, by myself." "No screwing around, Sasha. I already warned you not to. Are you forgetting who you belong to? After yesterday, I'm starting to really think that, my pet." "No, Viktor. I could never forget that. I wasn't suggesting that I would-" "No screwing around, especially with a Templar." "So you don't have an issue with me going into the compound by myself, so long as I don't sleep with the Templar?" "Lead him on, flirt, do what you need to, if it get's you results, but don't you dare take it farther than that. Go, look around, discover what you can but never forget who you belong to." The line went dead. I rolled my eyes.

I looked at Nicolae and he was scowling at me. Viktor might not care if I went in there by myself but Nicolae certainly did; it was one of the reasons why I loved him. He was always looking out for me. I had already let him back into my mind the moment we had returned and he could hear all of those thoughts along with my determination. "Sasha, you can't just go waltzing into the middle of the Templars, even if you are hanging off the arm of their golden boy. It's not safe." "Which golden boy are we talking about," Drogo smirked from the doorway. Peter was right next to him. They had just gotten back from college. I caught sight of the nanny glaring at me as she ushered Lorie upstairs. "I'm going out tonight," I said.

I turned and left the study, heading toward my room to get ready. I felt the three of them following me; Nicolae with determination to change my mind, the other two with questions about what was going on. I left my door open and walked into my closet. I pulled on my black skirt that was above my knees in the front and fell to mid-calf in the back, a pair of lace pantyhose, black boots and topped the ensemble with a deep green strapped corset that laced up the front. I pulled my hair up and started pinning it into a waterfall of cascading curls, meeting Nicolae's eye in the mirror as he walked up behind me in the bathroom.

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