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"Apppaaaaaa !!!!!!......" all of them shock with suddenly shouted from the kids. When they go to living room they found Chaerul (ChanJi son) with Bae Eun (BaekMi daughter) fighting. Baekhyun and Chanyeol run towards their children. Chanyeol pull back Chaerul's hand who being pull Bae Eun hairs while Baekhyun hug Bae Eun back from pull Chaerul ears.

"Bomi, help me !!!!..." Baekhyun shouted. Bomi come infront and pull back Bae Eun hands from Chaerul ears.

"Bae Eun-ah, you can't pull Chaerul ears like that. It's hurt.."

"But he start it first..."

"Still, you can't. Aigoo, you should behave like a girl...."

"Chaerul-ah, don't pull Bae Eun hairs, she's a girl.." said Eunji

"Mom, she not even a girl. She's monster, she pull my ears..." Eunji smacked his head.

"She's still a girl. Where's you manners Park Chaerul ?" Eunji start nagging. Others just look at them and laughed. Its not supposed too, but the situation itself very funny. Eventhough Chanyeol,Baekhyun,Eunji and Bomi are bestfriend, but not to their child. They were fighting like cat and dog.

"Aishh, I don't know why they keep fighting like that. Can't them just be friends ?" whining Chanyeol after calm down their kids.

"Yes, even worse they was in the same class. Everyday Bae Eun will told me about her fighting with Chaerul..." add Baekhyun.

"I also don't know why they keep fighting..." sigh Bomi.

"People say if we keep fighting with someone, we will fall in love..." Namjoo grinned

"Yahh, you watch too much drama..." shouted Eunji

"Unnie, don't it look like your role in Reply 1997 ? In the end you fall in love with Seo In Guk..."

"Don't mention Seo In Guk infront of me. I hate it. Eunji still shy when talk about him. What the heck ?" glared Chanyeol to Eunji. Eunji put her head on Chanyeol shoulder and smile, try to calm him down.

"I hope Jaehyun and Lauren don't fight like that. I'm worried.." said Chorong.

"Waeyo unnie, as I know Jaehyun is gentleman type..." ask Naeun

"Yes, he is. But he not into a girls too much. He just study or playing with boys. He doesn't have any girls friend.."

"Don't worry Chorong-ah, Lauren is very cheerful and she like to talk. I'm sure she can make Jaehyun out from his comfort place.." said Kris

"Ahh, really ? I can't wait to see Leader Couple Junior coming soon..." giggled Chorong.

"Unnie, stop it. It's weird to see you being fangirling like this, or it is because of your hormones ?" Hayoung shook his head.

"Talk about Lauren and Jaehyun, look at them..." said Xiumin while pointing at two kids who sit on the couch.

Jaehyun sit on the couch while reading a books. Usually he plays with Minjae (Xiumin son) but he go with Chinese boys because they want to show some material arts and he not interest with it. Then, he saw another kids but they still small and he not so good with kids and most of them are girls. So better if he not. Suddenly, he feel someone beside him and when he looks up he saw Lauren. He know that girl is Kris daughter because before this his parents already show him all others family pictures. Lauren smile and him and he doesnt know what to do just read the books back. It felt awkward because he never closed with girls before.

"What are you doing ?ask Lauren

"Just read the book..."reply Jaehyun slowly without look at her.

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