I'm so so sorry

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I am so so so sorry guys I swear to God I didn't mean to miss post yesterday I just forgot to make a story for the day then when I realize I fuked up I put on music that start brainstorming and somehow fell asleep I woke up in 2 in the morning and I am so sorry guys

We're back to Virgil's point of view

That's all I saw then suddenly something pulling me out of it warmth something that made me feel............. safe? It's been such a long time I don't know what it even feels like anymore

I open my eyes I don't know what the fuk I am I automatically set up and scan the room everywhere in a small cabin white storm outside fire white blanket and..... Roman?
He whips around too face me

"Oh you finally woke up are you all right"
he said running an sitting down in front of me
He looked worried for some reason

" how... How did I get here last thing I remember I was..... Dying! Okay what happened. And how am I not dead?"

"Will the Ice broke beneath you and you fell into the water so I dived in and got you out and then brought you here"

I stared him dumb founded
" why did you save me"

" what did you expect me to leave you there for Dead!"
He then stared at me like I was the most complicated question in the

" why................ why would I do that?"

"Cuz. I'm. The. Villain."
What else did he expect me to say but the look in his eyes
" ....................................., can you really consider it being a villain of your forced to do it?"

My eyes widen as I realized..... He knew

" what do you mean forced to do it"
I said in a rush voice

" the little boy he called those Visions memories and you fell into the water your makeup washed off"

" d-fuck!"
" yeah and also how old are you exactly I mean you look 20 to 28 when you had your makeup on but you look 16 with it off"

"I'm 17"
I say looking away

"Hmmm? Hey A.N What's that weird and mark on your neck?"

I pause to think about what he's talking about then I realize this scar on my neck
" oh it's a scar"

"From wut?"

" the Rope"
I say not thinking much about it

"Wut rope?"
His eyes were filled with concern

I failed as my eyes went dark he must have noticed he looked up at me his eyes were wide with concern and worry .why?!

" what did snake face do to you"

" he's not the one who did it"
I say almost in a whisper

"Then who?"

"It's the score from the noose"
I felt my voice as a left me it was cold

His eyes open wide

" do you not think I didn't try to escape him I knew wherever I went he would find me so a year ago I decide to end it I was caught though"

I pause as remembered the blood

" I wish I never done it."

"W-wut hapind"

He said with tear in his voice

" I can still remember the thick smell of blood I don't know how many bodies but I know he murdered them all I murdered them all. He may have been the one who killed them but I'm the reason he did it he did it because I disobeyed. And now they're bloods on my hands"
I felt as my body started to shake

"A.N" he said slowly and softly I looked up to look in the eyes they were a soft blue and he had red hair he leaned forward and hug me tight

" you're not going back there A.N I'm never going to let you go there again"

My body was weak and I was about to say something before I filled it shooting pain up my spine as quick as a pain was there it left and I was overcome with drowsiness I close my eyes and everything went dark

Sorry guys but writer's block and all
I promise I will try to write a longer chapter tomorrow seeing as it's Friday and that way I get the night off so see you guys then

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