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After this I will make ExoPink gathering family. Before that, I'll post here the name of their husband/wife and son/daughter to avoid you guys confused.

Kim Joonmyeon (Suho) & Park Chorong

- Son (Kim Jaehyun)

Oh Sehun & Oh Hayoung

-Son (Oh Sehyun)

Kim JongIn (Kai) & Son Naeun

-Daughter (Kim Jihye)

Park Chanyeol & Jung Eunji

-Son (Park Chaerul)

Byun Baekhyun & Yoon Bomi

-Daughter (Byun Bae Eun)

Do Kyungsoo & Kim Namjoo

-Daughter (Do Kyung Ah)

Wu Yi Fan (Kris) & Lisa William (America)

-Daughter (Wu Yi Fei/Lauren Wu)

Xi Lu Han & Fu MeiYing (Chinese)

-Daughter (Lu Hani)

Zhang Yixing (Lay) & Park YunHee (Korean)

-Son (Zhang ShiZun)

Kim JongDae (Chen) & Kwon SunHee

-Daughter (Kim Jaewon)

Kim Minseok (Xiumin) & Lee YeoJin

-Son (Kim Minjae)

Huang ZiTao & Hong LiQiu

-Son (Huang Zuko)


Today is the day. The day where Exo and Apink family will gathering together. It been a long time after all of them start their family. They'll gather at Suho house, with reason Suho house a big and he will treat them a nice food. What a good reason. Suho and Chorong very busy even in the early morning. Jaehyun also get ready to meet his hyung and dongsaengs. Suddenly the bell rang, Suho and Chorong looking at each other, 'They are here'. When they open the door, there was sexy duo family. Kai, Naeun and their daughter Jihye while Sehun with Hayoung and their son,Sehyun.

"Come in...." both families steps in.

"Hyung, where the others ?"

"You're the first, others not coming yet...". Not long after that, Exo beagle line coming up. Chanyeol with Eunji and son, Chaerul. Baekhyun, Bomi and daughter Bae Eun while Chen with his wife Sunhee and daughter Jaewon. Then D.O come with Namjoo and daughter KyungAh. Lu Han only with his daughter Lu Hani because his wife busy with filming. Xiumin with his son, Minjae and wife Yeojin. Like Lu Han, Kris and Tao also come with their child. Kris with his daughter Lauren and Tao with his son, Zuko. Lastly, Lay come with his son Shizun and wife Yunhee.

"Mianei unnie, Yixing oppa forgot today is the day..."say Yunhee to Chorong.

"It's okay, come in. Everybody were here already...." In a blink of eyes, everything was chous. Exo and Apink greet with each others family while the kids already playing in the entire house. Looking at this, the desicion to gather at Suho house is the best desicion they ever had.

"Its been a long time since we gather like this...." Suho start the conversation.

"Yup, I miss the old time...."

"KyungAh is really cute. She look like D.O. She having D.O's round eyes and heart shaped lips..." said Chanyeol.

"Yes, she's co cute, but I hope she don't be Satan like D.O..."continue Baekyun. D.O throw a packed of tissues and glared. Baekhyun just imitating him. Others just laugh looking at them.

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