Suho and Chorong (2)- Jealous

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"Honey, do you still angry with me ?" asked Joonmyeon to his wife.

"Am I supposed to be happy right now ?" said Chorong while comb her hairs and glaring at her husband who been lying at their bed.

"It's just a work honey, not more than that..."explain Joonmyeon while trying harder not to laugh infront of his wife right now. His wife is so cute when she jealous.

"Yeah, indeed. Of course it was a work...." Chorong climbed the bed but her back facing Joonmyeon. He sighed. Its started when a picture of EXO photoshoot was spread among fans. His picture with the girl who being one of their model be trending because their pose was like a couple. Of course his wife saw the picture.


"Okay, everyone take a break. I just want Suho ssi and Han ssi to get ready...". Others members just looking at Suho and that girl who be posing exactly like what the photographer needed.

"Okay, that good...I want both of you come closer a bit...yeah, like that.."said the photographer. Both of them standing really closed until their skin can feel each other.,

"Huh, Chorong noona won't be pleased if she saw this..." said JongIn.

"Yeah, my noona mood is like a swing right now. I couldn't blame her. She pregnant right now. Tch, that hyung can't control his hormone..." replied Chanyeol. Baekhyun smacked his head.

"Yahh, why you talk like that ? They're married, they can do want they want to do..."

"Beside, I don't think Suho hyung can't resist Chorong noona..." Chen smirked.

"What on your dirty mind uh ? my noona is not like that..." The beagle line start bickering. Sehun took his phone from the pocket when he felt vibrate, his eyes become wider. 'speak of the devil', he thought.

"Shhh, keep quiet. Chorong noona call....". All members turn their head to Sehun. Sehun pick up the phone and put into loud speaker.

"Annyeong, noonaaaa....."

"Hi Sehun, is all members there ?.." then all of the shouted.

"Noona, we're here...". Chorong chuckle.

"Arasso, by the way where my husband. I call him several time but he didn't pick up my call..." Sehun gulped. He signal someone to help him. Xiumin took the phone,

"Chorong-ah, Joonmyeon still doing photoshoot..."

"Is he doing alone or with someone else ?".

"He doing with our model, noona...don't worry so much.." her brother Chanyeol tried to calm his sister. He know she will burst out with her mood.

"Girls ?" everyone silent. Don't know what to answer.

"Yupp...." one voice reply. as expected, SatanSoo. The rest members facepalm. Suho hyung will face a big trouble.

"Okay, tell him to enjoy the photoshoot...I'll waiting at home.." the she hang up. Everyone look at Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo raised his eyesbrows.

"What ? we can't lie, noona will know about it..."


"Honey....." Joonmyeon tried to call his wife.

"Don't disturb me. I don't want to talk with you...."

"Don't be like that, it's not good for our baby...". Chorong silent. Joonmyeon hug her from behind. Chorong tried to escape but he make it more tight.

"She just one of our model. Don't worry too much. You're the only one I love..."

"Is she pretty ?" Chorong ask.

"Yes, she does...' Chorong push him off.

"Stay away from me..." Joonmyeon chuckle look at his wife. He love to tease his wife until she pissed off.

"You can laugh at this state ? I hate you Kim Joonmyeon..." . Joonmyeon pull her closer.

"Yeahh, I love you too Mrs Kim....." He cupped her face.

"She's pretty, but not pretty as you. I love you in my entire life..." He kiss her forehead, her nose, both of her cheecks and lastly her lips.

"Saranghae...." Chorong can't help but she felt warm after heard his words. Then Chorong fall asleep in his embrace while Joonmyeon arms was wrapped around his waist.

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