Kai and Naeun (2) - Frustrated

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"Oppa, can you put clothes on Jihye ? I'm going to prepare for breakfast." Naeun asking her husband JongIn who already fixed his coat before going to work.

"Okay dear...". JongIn go his daughter room,

"Hi sweetie...". A little girl called Jihye smile when she saw her father.


"Here, I put clothes on you..." JongIn dressed her daughter perfectly and give her kiss on cheeks.

"You look pretty, sweetheart.." Jihye grinned. JongIn took her into his lap and caressed her hair.

"Today, you're having a ballet class right ?". Jihye nod.

"Nde, I want to meet my friends there.." JongIn chuckles,

"Do you've a lot of friends there ?"

"Yes, they are very kind. We even shared our food." Because of JongIn good at dancing, he want his daughter to be good too. So from this age, he already sent Jihye to ballet class. Unlike Sehun and Lay who having a sons, they can trained them hard. But he is having a daughter so he must be careful because girls are so sensitive. Fortunately he can managed girls very well.

"Okay sweetie, practice hard. I want to look at your improvement. Now we go downstairs and breakfast first." JongIn took Jihye into his arms and bring her down. The family eat breakfast happily and JongIn drive to office while Naeun and Jihye get ready to go ballet class. At night, JongIn sit on couch with Jihye while watching cartoon. Naeun is taking a bath.

"Appa, can I ask you something ?" Jihye look at her father.

"Sure, sweetie. What is it ?"

"What is the meaning of boyfriend ?" JongIn look at her disbelief.

"Where do you learn that word ?"

"After ballet class, omma took me late. So teacher accompany me. Then I ask her, did her mom took her home, then she say her boyfriend will take her..". JongIn rubbed his neck,

"Errr, I'll tell you when you're bigger...". Jihye pouted.

"But I want to know now, appa..." Jinye start whining. JongIn sighed.

"Boyfriend is like omma and appa before married. Its like a guy that you like or love...". Jihye nod understand.

"If that so, Sehyun oppa is my boyfriend ?"

"Sehyun ? Oh Sehyun ?" JongIn eyes become wide.

"Nde, I like him appa..." JongIn feel like want to faint right now.

"Why do you like him ?" JongIn feel very dizzy. He can't believe that his daughter like his bestfriend's son. How this kid can learn this kind of things so fast.

"Sehyun oppa so handsome. Beside he always take me when we're in school..."

"Jaehyun and Shizun also kind, why you still like him ?"

"I don't know, but I see them as a brother only. I like Sehyun oppa he not smile a lot.." JongIn took her into his embrace.

"Arasso, appa understand. Come we go to sleep. Tomorrow you've have school...". JongIn going upstairs and put her on bed and stay until his daughter fall asleep. JongIn enter his room and lay beside Naeun.

"Honey, do you know our daughter is growing up so fast ?". Naeun raised her eyesbrows. JongIn told her the whole story. Naeun laughing/

"Aigoo, she's so sweet.." JongIn frowned.

"How come you can laugh ? I'm worried, you know...". Naeun shook her head.

"Oppa, it's not they're going to get married tomorrow. They still a kids, they don't know what is love.."

"What about until she teenagers or adult, she still like Sehyun ? I can't imagine that.."

"Then what's wrong with that ? Sehyun is a good boy. We know The Oh's for a long time ago..."

"I hate this kind of feelings.....". Naeun give him a kiss...

"You just thinking too much oppa...now let's sleep.."

"Urghh, why there're so many boys, she must like Sehun's son ? Are they really born to be hot among girls ?". JongIn mumbled to himself before sleep while hugging Naeun.

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