Suho and Chorong (1)- Stay By My Side

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Chorong put Joonmyeon cloths into his luggage. She sigh. She do not know if she regret married at this kind of age. Joonmyeon and her madly in love and decided to get married even both of them are idols. Fortunately, fans give their blessings and many people support them for being husband and wife. But even after married, they couldn't spend time like a newlyweds. Both of them are busy. Then she feel someone give a back hug. No one other than her husband.

"Are you done ?". Chorong didn't answer him. She just continue her works. Joonmyeon realise there are something wrong with his wife. He face her in front of him. He cupped her face.

"What's wrong dear ? Are you not feeling well ?" he look with a worried face

"Honey, can't you go ?"she pouted. Joonmyeon remain silent. Even though she didn't say any reason, but he know actually what his wife want. They do not spend time much after getting married. So of course his wife want to spend time together, but as an idols they have already schedule to attend. Even their honeymoon had to postpone because they couldn't make a time.

"I can't dear. We both are leaders, you know that." Joonmyeon replied with a lower tone. He do not want to hurt her feelings. Of course Chorong understand it well. She also an idols even group leader like her husband. But she can't help to feel sad about it. Joonmyeon gasped when he saw his wife's tears.

"I'm so sorry dear, I couldn't do anything, It's already arrange by company..." he hugged her tightly.

"Aniyaaa, of course I knew it. Sorry I'm being emotional..". Joonmyeon careesed her hair,

"No, it's not your fault. You may to have that feelings...". They cuddle on the bed. Nobody speak, just spend time together. In a few hours. Chorong put her head on her husband chest, while he wrapped his arms around his waist and put his hands on her stomach. Chorong plays with his fingers. Joonmyeon looks at his wife with a loving eyes. How come he not love this woman so much ? She's almost perfect as a wife and maybe one day a mother to his child. He even take a risk to marry her even he know it's not easy to do that.

"Why you look at me like that ? It's something wrong ?" Chorong ask when she notice her husband starring at her.

"No, just because you're beautiful today..." Joonmyeon look down and kiss her. They kiss until both of them pull out to catch the air.

"I love you...."

"I love you too....".

Chorong wake up when the alarm ringing. When she look at her husband beside her, she felt happy. Even though they have to sacrifice many things but she feel safe because Joonmyeon always there for her.

"Honey, wake up. You'll miss the plane if you not wake up now...". Joonmyeon's body just move a bit, then he slowly open his eyes.

"It's still early...". Joonmyeon pull his blanket. Chorong just sigh.

"You still have to bath and eat breakfast before go to airport...". Joonmyeon looking at her while smile.

"If that so, I want my morning kiss..."

"What ? No !.."

"Then, I don't want to wake up.." Joonmyeon close his eyes back.

"I didn't wash my face and brush my teeth yet..."

"I don't care..." . They kiss a few second before Joonmyeon pull it out.

"See, it's easy right ? Thanks dear, I love it..." Joonmyeon kiss her cheeks before grab his towel then go to washroom. Chorong smile when look at her husband's behaviour. Chorong already packed a breakfast for him. She heard a footsteps from upstairs.

"Dear, I'm going now..."

"Okay, here your breakfast. Don't skipped your meal honey..."

"Hahahaha, okay. Don't worry. I'm not...". Both of them go out from house. Then a black van stopped infront of them. The door open, revealed the members.

"Annyeong, noonaa.."

"Hi guys...".

"I'm going now...". Joonmyeon hug his wife.

"Take care, don't look at other woman..." say Chorong.

"Hahaha, okay. You're cute..." Joonmyeon took a peck of her lips. Chorong just smiled.

"Ewwww, what's is that ? do in your room..." the members tease. Joonmyeon sit in the van and wave to his wife. The van slowly left the house. Chorong went back to their house. Suddenly her phone ringing. It's a message from Joonmyeon.

" It's not about how much we spend time together, but it's about you always been in my heart.." Take care dear. I'll back soon, Love you.."

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