Prologue: The Vow

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         Two dark figures knelt on a dusty rug in a room lit only by the dying flames in the grate.  A third smaller figure shook holding a wand as if the wood burned him.  "Cassiopeia Renee Black do you swear no matter what to aide Sirius Orion Black in the future?"

"I swear." the sixteen year old girl whispered terrified that her mum would hear them speak the name of their disowned brother and punish them.  A small string of light erupted from the wand causing the house elf to shake even more.  The light wrapped around Cassiopeia and Regulus's entwined hands making Cassie wince as the heat crept along her skin.

"And do you swear aide those who fight The Dark Lord?" Regulus said scaring Cassie with the manic look in his eyes.

Cassie squeaked looking around, "I-I swear." another string of light wrapped around their hands.

"And do you swear to try and forgive Sirius?"

"Reg-" Cassie started beginning to pull away. 

Regulus pulled her back gripping her hand painfully, "Do you swear?!" his voice rose.

"I swear!" she gasped.  A third and final cord of light wrapped around them sealing the vow as a small ring appeared around their wrists.  As soon as the light faded the house elf dropped the wand and began punishing himself for daring to hold his master's wand. 

"Kreacher stop." Regulus said not looking away from his sister.  "You did the right thing.  You'll see."  Cassie shivered but nodded scooting away from the boy.  "Everything will be okay now." the boy said to himself not blinking.  "It'll all work out.  It has to."

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