Part 6

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When I woke up for some reason my lip was swollen and my eye hurt so I walked over to the mirror and saw that I had a puffy purple eye and a bleeding lip.  'WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO ME?' I thought.I don't remember anything except for going to sleep excited to meet billies family..Speaking of her family I CANT LET THEM SEE ME LIKE THIS!!!!! And I can't go to school today. The first thing that came to mind was to call Billie. So I did.

Billie- hello?Hey wuts up.
Y/n-hey biwey can you cam ovar bechuz Eyen hurt.
Billie-What the fuck did you just say dude.
I totally forgot I can't talk so I hung up and txted her.

Bil💖- ok wtf is going on?
Y/n-Ok I said can you come over because I have a bloody busted swollen lip and a black eye.?
Bil💖-WHO-WHAT-WH- ok I'm on my way bbygrl.
Literally not even 2 minuets later she was knocking on my door.She must have driven 500 mph over the speed limit cause she lives an hour away.I open the door and Billie was red like upset red.She looked at me in sorrow then hugged me so I hugged back. 

Billie-What happened ?
I pulled ou my phone and typed in my notes.
Y/n-i don't know .
Billie-You didn't feel anything last night or nothing?
Y/n-No. I felt it when u woke up tho.
Billie-Baby girl I'm so sorry I'll call the police and ambulance.
I just nodded.
—————————————————About an hour ago the police and ambulance left. And they figured out that it was a male and when they described him it would a lot like my ex but I didn't say anything cause I wasn't sure.and the ambulance helped me with my eye and lip and now at least I can talk.
Billie-Are you okay? you Zoned out for like 4 minuets.
Y/n-Yeah I was just thinking. You know when they were describing that guy it sound awfully a lot like my ex.
Billie-Really then why didn't you say anything about it?!!
Y/n-I'm sorry ok it's only. Because I wasn't 100% sure..I'm sorry
Ok did I ever mention I'm a very sensitive person so when she started yelling I started crying..
Billie-Oh mamas I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you cry.Please stop crying I'm sorry.I get it.
Y/n-No it's fine I'm sorry.I should've told them but the thing I'm worried about is what if it is him and he comes back tonight.That guy can do much worst.
Billie-What do you mean much worst?
Y/n-I didn't put this in the story that I told you but when we were dating another reason I broke up with him was because he would beat me at night.And he said if I ever told anyone then he would beat me more than he ever had.
I stood up and showed Billie my back full of scars. Today was the first time I ever saw Billie full out balling her eyes out. So of course I hugged her for about an hour.  After the hug we were watching a movie when I felt Billie starring at me.
Y/n-What? Is there something on my face?
Billie- No.
Y/n-Then what
Billie-Just noticing how fucking Cute you are.
Y/n-Stop! I'm blushing and that's not okay.
I ofc hid my face but Billie just had to do that thing guys do on the movies where they lift your chin and look deep into your eyes and then kiss you for like 30 seconds. But the difference is our kiss didn't last 30 seconds it lasted about a minute.
Y/n-What this time
Billie-Do you wanna be my girlfriend
Y/n-Billie I'm sorry I just don't wanna ruin our friendship.Maybe ask me another time.
Billie-I totally unders-
Billie-I honestly don't know. Oh and I'm staying the night here.
Ya-Ok then let's gooooo
We raced up the stairs like little kids. And I gave billie this OVERLY big shirt that she didn't even have to wear pants. We layed in bed for like 20 minutes then finally fell asleep.
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