two; friends of course

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C H A P T E R  T W O ;

millie's pov:

a c h i n g. my body felt like a vessel of mush, i took a faster breath in as my airstream hitched and i began to panic. what was happening?

forcing my eyelids open, a bland pallet of colors formed together to make a closet, some paintings... a tickle in my throat made me cough, scratchy and heavy.

"you're up! they said it should be sometime today, oh wow, you're good?" noah popped his head into my view, a sympathetic expression on his face.

i slightly nodded, pushing myself up higher in the stiff bed, a fluid was attached through a tube in my arm. "you good?" he repeated.

"i'm really hungry," i admitted with a scratchy throat, watching a smile sweep over his face and onto my mouth too, the dizziness gone. he laughed, "you've been out for... i think maybe ten hours?"

"so, not dead?" i clarified as he shook his head and called for a nurse. soon enough she came in, adjusting the thin wire glasses on her face with large eye bags behind them.

i listened as she told me i could go home, how i should be more careful getting into a situation like that, apparently i almost died if it 'wasn't for a young boy'. she meant finn.

the nurse took me off medication while setting down a tray of low quality cafeteria food, and strolled out.

"er, is finn okay?" i turned to noah as he was gulping down my orange juice, with the knowledge that i hated it.

"he's amazing! i mean, he has to stay on bedrest for a day but he didn't get hospitalized like you... uh, he did want to wait for you in here. it just wasn't allowed," he took another large sip.

i cleared my throat, "wait, what even happened?" i pondered, trying to remember how i got here.

noah clanked down the glass on the tray and covered his mouth to not let a small burp escape, "you're that clueless huh," he wiped his mouth with a napkin.

"here's how it went..."

finn's pov (flashback):

"i love you too," i replied.

a few minutes had gone by and it was absolutely quiet... i mean what was there to say?

i really didn't know if we would make it out of here, but that's something she didn't need to know.

"millie?" i whispered, she didn't respond.

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