13: Kevin

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Seeing Scott with Wesley reassured everything.
I wasn't going to lie when it came to admitting the slight worry I felt when I found out Scott and Mitch were back together and Scott dove head first into fatherhood. It's not that I didn't trust him and that I didn't think he wasn't fit to be a father, I was just worried about it becoming too much for Scott. After years of being a bachelor that had his entire life pretty much planned out, Scott made a last decision move and came back to California, just to be with Mitch, only to find out he has a son he had no clue about before.
I mean sure, I'm happy that they're all happy and healthy, but I'm worried when it came to how quickly Scott could burn out. During highschool, Scott would take on so much and then go through periods of shutting us all out and resetting. My biggest fear was him taking on too much, now, and not being able to handle everything.
Scott is so set on becoming a lawyer and now that he also has a son to look after, it's going to be so much harder for him but he, like Mitch, is so stubborn that there's not point in trying to tell him to relax because he's not going to listen. I guess that's where Wesley gets it from.
Sighing, I shook my head as I watched Scott and Wesley play in the grass. Scott had shovelled up a bunch of sand from the lake bank so Wesley had a place to play that wasn't by the waters edge. He made a pile of dirt and sand and Wesley was playing with his toy trucks in it until Kirstie announced lunch was almost ready. I glanced back at her and when I saw her smile, I felt my chest tighten.
"I know you're worried," she started, setting her cup down before standing and walking over. "But they're going to be fine, Kev. Don't you trust Scott?"
"Of course I do; he's my best friend. I'm just worried he'll burn out and shut us out again,"
"We aren't in highschool anymore, love. Scott is an adult now,"
"I know. I just worry,"
"I know," she leaned against my side and I leaned down to kiss her cheek. Kirstie was my best friend and ever since we met, in highschool, I've had a massive crush on her and it wasn't until recently was I able to call her mine. "I love how much you care," she started. "You have such a big and beautiful heart, Kevin."
"Thank you, Kit. That's really sweet of you to say,"
"Just being honest," she shrugged, wrapping her arms around my neck. I smiled and when we kissed, I heard Scott's voice drift up from the yard. We may or may not have forgot to tell him about our relationship.
"Holy shit!" He gasped, Mitch laughing as Kirstie and I pulled apart and laughed. "Kev and Kit? Oh my god- Guys! I knew it! I'm so happy for you!"


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