Chapter 24

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I walked down to our sort of canteen and saw everyone sitting together. The conversation looked quite serious and everyone looked at me when I came inside. I walked towards them and sat down next to Liz. I did not look at Alec. I just focused on what Jace was telling us.

"Do you guys have any idea what kind of demon it could have been?" He asked. Isabelle sighed and shook her head, so did Alec and Liz. They were all gone, they had no idea what kind of creature attacked me yesterday and broke inside the instituted. This made me feel anxious. I was not safe at all. Jace sighed annoyed and looked over at me.

"Are you okay?" He asked me and I nodded. I was not okay at all. This morning I almost fainted and my nose was bleeding couple of times but I would never admit it. I wanted to be stronger. I don't want to be the girl who gets saved by her big brother or any other person.

"I want you and Alec to go to this warlock. Her name is Hannah." Jace said and I cursed him in my mind. How can he send me with this jerk on a mission? I nodded. Alec did not argue either, he just nodded and agreed with him.

We both stood up and looked at each other. Everyone was looking at us and I felt like everyone could feel the awkward atmosphere. I walked away towards the weapon room and took any weapon I thought was needed. Alec took his arrow and bow as usually and took a seraph blade with him.

"Do we need weapons? We just needed to visit this Hannah." I said.

"As a Shadowhunter we need to be always armed. You never know." He said and left the room. I rolled my eyes and followed him. It annoyed me as I never knew where to go. I don't know these people or the places the live in. I always needed to follow everyone. I was done being depended on everyone. Especially Alec.

We arrived at a front door of a house. It was massive house. Alec knocked on the door and a lady with green hair opened up the door. Her choice of hair colour had me shocked but I did not say anything. I did not want to be rude.

"We need to talk to you." Alec said.

"Of course pretty boy but leave your weapons. Every warlock can see through the glamour." She said and had a seductive smile on her face. Alec sighed annoyed and gave his arrow and bow. She let us inside and she stared at me for a while.

"She is a new one. Is she your girlfriend?" She asked. My eyes widened when she spoke out her words. She was really not scared of making an conversation awkward or be mean to someone. She was straight forward.

"No, as I said we need to talk to you." Alec repeated his words. He did not seem surprised by her comments, which made feel like he had met her for a couple of times.

"Go on." She said.

"The institute was attacked yesterday by a demonic source. It was all burned up." Alec said. Hannah her eyes widened. I could see she was completely shocked but why?

"It can be anyone." She said and I could tell that she was lying. I narrowed my eyes and looked at her. She was lying. I saw behind her a shadow and I stood up. Alec looked at me in confusion, not really catching on what was happening.

"He is here." I said. Alec his eyes widened. The warlock held her hand up which made Alec fly and she put her hand down. Alec touched the ground with a loud bang and I clenched my jaw.

"Not today." I said annoyed and drew the sunlight rune. It hit her and she collapsed on the ground and fainted. I looked over at Alec, who was unconscious as well. I quickly walked over to him and drew the Iratze rune. He woke up and groaned.

"Where is she?" He asked but he shut his mouth when he saw her laying down on the ground.

"Good job." He said and I nodded. I wanted to walk away but he held my hand.

"Clary, I want to ask you something." He said and I looked at him confused. About what does he want to talk about? I mean he left me alone in the room yesterday. Alec was acting so weird, like really bad because I could not keep up with him anymore.

"What is it?" I asked when I hand cuffed the warlock. This would drain her magic and she would not be able to escape. She had an awful lot to explain to the clave.

"Be my parabatai." He said. I gasped in shock and immediately stopped doing what I was doing and looked over at Alec. Was he serious? His facial expression made it seem like he was but I could not help but to feel that he was joking around.

"Parabatai?" I asked. I knew what it meant but I wanted to make sure I did not misunderstand him. He nodded and I looked down. I had developed feelings for him and the closest I could ever be to him was this and now I had another possibility. Becoming his parabatai.

"Only if you want to. I will not force you. I know it is a big step but I had to ask you." He said. I nodded. I did not understand why he had asked me. It seems like he hates me. He could have became parabatai with someone else, maybe someone like Liz. What made him want to become my parabatai?

"I would love to become your parabatai." I said and I could see the shocked expression on his face and for a second I felt like I could see guilt in his eyes but it quickly faded away as he smiled. He pulled me into a hug, which made me surprised.

"I will talk to my mother, so we can arrange it." He said and I smiled. I had no idea what was going to happen. All I knew was that it was going to hurt and make us bond to one another. We would sense each others pain.

I would be half his and he would be half mine.

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