chapter thirty-nine ; confessions

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november. 2010

Finn and Millie quickly walked side by side into the car wash. Natalia noticed them from behind the cash register and cocked her head in confusion. The two teens were aproaching her rather rapidly so she knew they must want something. The young woman stopped what she was doing and was preparing for someone to say something.

"We goofed." Millie said while glancing down at the ground. Natalia crossed her arms and pursed her lips.

"Uh Natalia, this is my friend-"

"Girlfriend." Millie corrected with a smirk on her face. Finn felt his cheeks heat up and his sister held back a chuckle.

Finn sighed. "This is Millie and Millie, this is my sister Natalia." The boy explained to the two girls. The two young women shook hands and exchanged quick smiles.

"We have a problem." Finn stated in a serious tone. There was no time for conversation. They had some very important work to do and they needed to do it fast. It was only a matter of time before David started to come for them legally.

"David knows about me and Millie. Thankfully he doesn't know about you, Natalia" The tall boy added.

Natalia's stomach instantly churned at the thought. If David found out about her involvement, she knew that she would end up in prison with Finn and Millie.

"He doesn't have solid evidence currently but we all know that he is going to try and get some. Our job is to move all the money in the car wash to somewhere else." Finn added a moment later.

Natalia scoffed. That task was much easier said than done. She had stacks of cash stashed all over the building. It was going to be hard to find it all, count it all, and move it to a different location.

"Finn, listen to me. There is probably close to fifty million dollars in cash in this building! I refuse to have anything to do with your filthy money." Natalia exclaimed menacingly, taking a step towards her brother.

The boy with curly hair shrugged. "We'll do it ourselves then." He spat.

Even though Natalia wasn't going to help them they couldn't sit around and complain. They had a lot of work to do.


"So uhm... What is it you wanted to talk about?" Karen Wolfhard asked the middle aged man that was sat across from her and her husband.

David had called his wife, his brother Ted and Ted's wife Karen together for a little bit of a family meeting. He decided that it would be best to simply come out and give them all the truth about Finn.

There was an eery silence in the Wolfhard living room while David prepared his speech. Karen, Ted, and Winona all sat on the couch while David was sitting in a leather chair across from them. He felt like he was getting ready to talk to the entire world even though it was only three people.

The man sighed. "There's no easy way to say this and I regret even having to say it." He began.

He looked Ted into the eyes and then glanced over at Karen and Winona.

"I have found corroborating evidence that Finn is one of the biggest drug lords in the country." He stated with a blank expression on his face.

Everyone was silent. Nobody had any clue as to what to say or do. It was a massive allegation and none of them knew how to handle it.

"David... What... What are you saying?" Karen muttered, tears swelling in her eyes. She knew that David wouldn't make things up but she refused to believe him.

"Finn is this Heisenberg character that we've been searching for. He matches witness identification and any shred of evidence points directly to him. Although... We don't have any real proof. But we've solved enough of the puzzle to be able to see the picture." David did his best to calmly and rationally explain.

At that point Karen and Winona were both in tears while Ted simply sat there in pure shock. They just couldn't believe that Finn was a criminal. They thought that David had lost his mind.

"I think you should leave my house, Mr. Harbour." Ted said angrily. He was upset that David had the audacity to make those allegations against his son.

But deep down there was a large part of them that believed what David said. David wouldn't just lie to them.

They were truly and completely, conflicted.

* * * *

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