Chapter 2! Wolf Of Hope!!!

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(Izuku's POV)

I had awoken from my lovely nap. I had been in my Dad's desk drawer. How was because I can be any size wolf I want. I managed to open the drawer and climb out. I landed on the floor with a thump. I didn't see Dad anywhere. I shifted my size to a bigger version. I stretched and sniffed. I had his scent but it was faint. I started to follow the smell. It lead me to the teachers lounge. I walked in after turning the knob in my mouth. I looked up to see 3 surprised looking heros. It was Dad, Uncle Present Mic, Uncle All Might, and That BITCH of  a hero Endeavor.  The only unsurprised one was Dad. I walked up and around the 3 surprised ones to walk to Dad. I sat down and looked at the 3 still shocked. "What the fuck do you want. I didn't do anything yet." I yelled at them. Yes I yelled at them in human language I have the ability too. Uncle All Might and Uncle Present Mic become less shocked, but Endeavor looked even more confused and shocked. I jumped on the couch and shifted to my normal form. "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!" "SHUT THE FUCK UP MY DAMN EARS!!!!" I screamed back at Endeavor. He was about to scream something back till I looked at him pissed. My fur bristled and my teeth were showing. "Scream again I dare you, you'll get your ass kicked." I spat out venom dripping with every word I spoke. "Young Aizawa I think it's time you discussed why your here." Uncle All Might said. "I came to see Dad. I was gonna see if we had any plans but I can see your busy besides that Bitch." I spoke pointing to Endeavor. I usually never swear UNLESS  he is here. I can't take him. I turned around as I scoffed. "I'm gonna go out I'll not be back till he is gone." I gestured towards Endeavor as I left. I heard a not so faint due to my ears alright  before I shut the door completely. I walked down the halls of Yueii till I got to the door. I took off running into the woods behind Yueii. 

(Time Skip Brought To You By; Me Eating Double stuffed Oreos, Drinking A Heath Cappuccino, And Listening To Music While Writing This.)

I had got to the part of the city where it is not so popular. I was walking around the street when I heard explosions but they were faint. I took off in the direction and found three boys bullying another. He was about to punch the boy when I dashed in front and blocked it. ANIMAL ABUSE!!!!! He nailed me right in the side. I landed harshly but got up and stood in front of the boy again. I looked at the three bullying him and growled hair bristled teeth shown. I then noticed whom the ring leader was. He was the spiky blond that petted me yesterday.  He was surprised to see me I guess. He smirked and started to have his buddies close in on my side as I had a tree and scared kid behind me. Once they got in position they attacked. I dodged and grabbed the kid. I pulled him out of the trap and motioned him to go. He ran off as I felt something grab my tail. I whipped around and bit whom ever grabbed it. It was one of his buddies and he backed off. I felt my neck be grabbed then shoved to the ground. I struggled as I was held there. I didn't want to use One for All. He yelled something at his last buddy before throwing money at him. I was to busy fighting against the hand holding me down when I felt weight on my back. I was about to use One for All when I remembered I can change sizes. I shifted to my puppy size 

and tried to escape his hand

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and tried to escape his hand. It only made things worse because he now held me in the air. I had enough but before I could do anything I was blindfolded. I had my paws all tied and couldn't move. I shift into my base form and used One for All to escape. I then moved with One for All and was gone with a blur. I had gotten back to Yueii and was tired. I shifted to my puppy wolf form to go to sleep once I was to Dad's room. I hadn't even noticed the blood on my side from the punch with explosions. I was going to Dad's room when Bitch face and Uncle All Might walked down the hall talking. I was walking by when Bitch Face grabbed my scruff. He looked at my side and threw me at Uncle All Might. I landed in his arms on my wound and yelped. I hadn't realized how reckless I was. Uncle All Might fixed the position I was in so he wouldn't hit my wound. I growled and tried biting Uncle All Might when I got really tired. I started to close my eyes as some person I hate was petting my fur. I murmured a light growl and I gave into blackness.

Sorry for it being short but also this is really just a filler. I will try and get a rewritten part for Nomu Deku tomorrow and maybe a chapter for this book. But for now bye!!!!


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