Night of Your Life - Part 2

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Scouting through the trees, 01 glanced over at Kilo, then checked his chrono.


He glanced up and saw the faint flickers of sky through the trees were a definite black color. They'd spent the past few hours searching for Ion's killer, but to no avail.

"Should we head back?" Kilo asked after a moment, looking over and lowering his blaster some. "I mean, it's late, we haven't found anything, and if whatever killed Ion is still out there, couldn't it kill us? We have a mission to get our information back to base," he added, sounding nervous.

01 didn't seem to register it much, but answered after a moment. "We can't just turn our back a when there could be a threat. We need to neutralize it," he said firmly.

"Okay," Kilo said thinly. "Where do we look now?"

01 paused, letting his scanner search the trees as he thought. "Whatever it was, it was alone. Or else there probably would've been more droid bodies, or something," 01 mused aloud. "It's possible it went back to the base..."

"So then we could leave," Kilo said quietly.

01 glanced at the scan, which brought up nothing. "Maybe. Let's at least get back to higher ground," he said, turning.

01 trudged back through the forest with Kilo in tow as the two returned to the crest of a slight hill, looking out over the grassy area that stretched on for several miles. 01 scanned the area, seeing a slight rustling but simply chalking it up to a few animals moving in the grass. He sighed after a moment and just motioned to Kilo as he started down the side of the hill.

The two were silent as they started down the side of the hill, walking into the tall grasses. 01 forgot about his scanner, just sort of glancing around. He felt exhausted and worn out, struggling to keep the image of Ion's body out of his head as they moved. He looked down and hefted his blaster closer to him, closing his eyes a moment, shaking his head to try and chase away the gory images. Then he heard Kilo yell from behind him.


01's head snapped up and his eyes flew open as he pulled his blaster into the ready position. He fired instinctively the moment he saw the dark brown metal figure hurtling at him. The droid took two shots, but kept moving and 01 yelped, turning to shove Kilo back.

The droid leapt and 01 barely managed to shove himself and Kilo out of it's path as it landed a few feet away. He rolled onto his back quickly and scrambled up, firing on the droid wildly as he tried to cover Kilo.

The droid seemed unfazed, though, and it wasn't alone. Two more similar droids lunged through the grass, surrounding the two rookies. 01 managed to get a brief look at one of them, noting that it looked different than the B1's they had learned all about. This one had a wider head with dark brown metal and silver markings, and their eyes glowed in a narrow and menacing manner. They moved faster, more lithe and human like than their klutzy counter parts.

"What are these guys?" Kilo whispered, his back pressing into 01's and the rookie could feel his brother trembling.

"I don't know, but they're made of metal like any other tinny," 01 said, mustering courage into his voice as he watched the three droids with caution. He took a deep breath, stiffening and straightening up as he thought of what these droids had done to Ion. "Let's scrap them like any other clanker," he growled, and pulled his blaster up, charging for the nearest droid.

He lunged at the droid, firing several shots that seemed to glance off the droid's armor but 01 kept moving. He pulled one hand away from his blaster as the droid reached for its own. Slinging his arm to the side, he ejected the vibroshiv in his gauntlet and lunged, shoving the blade under the droid's neck with a satisfying chink.

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