Chapter Three

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Chapter Three

"Get away from me," I said slowly. The man holding the knife to my neck snickered at me. I peered out to the side of my eyes, making sure not to move my neck, and looked the strange attacker over. It was a man, or more, a boy. Somewhere around twenty I guess. He had a smirk on his face and dark blond hair. I hated him the second my eyes laid on his wretched face.

"Don't be so snarky pretty little girl. Well, why don't we take that hood off and see your fa-"

"No!" I interrupted. He winced at the fierceness in my tone, then quickly composed himself.

"Your a feisty little one aren't you," he remarked. "He-he, just my type."

"Get away from her," someone suddenly said. It was then that I remembered that Prince Derek was here.

"Run," I ordered. But he didn't listen and shook his head.

"I didn't even notice you pretty boy." Derek's shoulders tensed.

"Who you calling pretty boy! I'll have you know that I'm the prince-"

"Idiot!" I screamed.

Derek's eyes widened at that. And then he realized what he said. The guy with the knife seemed to be smiling.

"The prince huh? There must be a high price for your head. Must be my lucky night. Got a lady and a-"

I quickly backed up and struck out with a kick when he was babbling. He let out a groan and hunched over. Before he could recover, I lashed out with a fist, and he fell onto his knees. Quickly, I pulled out the pocket knife from my pocket and held it by his neck. Looked like the tables had turned.

"Now, I don't want to kill you- no, scratch that- I have no mercy at all for you. So I suggest you drop your weapon and leave, or I will slice your neck open and have no feeling of regret. Do I make myself clear?" The answer was in his eyes.

Hearing the clatter of his knife plummeting to the pavement, I kept my eyes on him as he slowly stepped backwards, then ran away like he had never before. With a satisfying grunt, I slipped the pocket knife back into the pocket of my cloak, and picked up the one he had dropped. My eyes slowly slid to Dereck. His eyes were wide and astonished.

"You- How did you- I. What just happened?" I sighed.

"I took him down, not really a biggie." He raised his eyebrows.

"No biggie? You took down someone like twice your size without a weapon and that's not a biggie." I wanted laugh at his use of the word biggie but I guessed now wasn't really the time for laughing. "How did you do that? Isn't that like impossible?"

"Not for me," I replied simply. "And there are a lot of things you don't know about me, so don't start playing a game of twenty questions. We need to get back now. You see there's danger, and you obviously can't protect yourself without a guard. I'll take you back to the castle." He titled his head and widened his eyes in astonishment.

"Never have I met a girl like you," he whispered. "Shouldn't I be the one protecting you since I'm the guy and you the girl cowering behind me?" I snorted and crossed my arms.

"Hardly. Not in this situation will that ever happen. One, because I'm not your average wimpy pretty girl. Two, I told you you don't look much like a protecter. Three, I'm not intending for you to be my knight in shining armor. And four, I can take care of myself. Now let's go before I get tired of your pressence."

* * *

The castle loomed before us like a endless tower. It was grand and white, made out of stones and hard work. Beyond it was an entire land of perfect green. It was surrounded by a gate (which looked more like a picket fence if you ask me) and around five knights at the entrance. Hm, I wondered what it would be like to have the life as a knight. They were different from guards, much stronger. Anyone could have a guard if you paid for it, but knights were specially assigned to those in danger or royalty. They trained everyday. The king probably had five surrounding him wherever he went. There were more men knights too you see. Two of the main facts that most ladies wouldn't want to be a knight. The real reason though was because none of them were strong enough really.