Chapter 9

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The grounder was still locked up in the drop ship. Bellamy's guys had been acting prison guards. I hadn't given much thought to anything lately. I hadn't spoken to anyone either. Why should I? They didn't care about me, and I didn't care about them. It was as if I was merely existing. Not living. Kids had been talking to their parents on the Ark and Clarke had been in some sort of meeting with the council on the Ark. It was strange. They sent us here to die, and now they were coming down here themselves. After they had sent their little lab-rats. I hadn't been doing much either. I had excused myself from building the wall. Instead, I made weapons. Not that they were any good, but it was better than nothing. So far, I'd made a decent bow, two dozen arrows, a knife and a spear. Better than nothing. And that's what I was doing at this moment. Trying to make weapons.
     "Alice," someone yelled, making me shift my gaze from the weapon I was currently making. Clarke. Great.
     "I'm not talking to him," I said, about ninety percent certain that's what she came to tell me. I looked down at my weapon again, just wanting her to go away.
     "It's not that. There's a bunker I need you to find. There are things in it that will help us survive winter," she said as I scoffed.
     "What makes you think I care about our survival?" Now, it was her turn to scoff.
     "I know you, Alice. You might not care about whether the rest of the camp survives, but you care about your own survival," she said, making a solid point. I surely didn't want to die. I didn't have much to live for, but I didn't want to die.
     "Where is it?" I asked her, finally looking up at her again.
     "I have the coordinates here," she said handing me a piece of paper. "Bit you can't go alone." I rolled my eyes and stood up.
     "Fine. But I can't promise I won't kill the person you decide to annoy me with."
     "Bellamy," she said, not making much sense. "You take Bellamy." Again, I rolled my eyes. Why did everything in camp always revolve around him? I walked away, done with the conversation. I apparently had to go find Bellamy.

I walked around camp for a solid five minutes, before finally hearing his voice from inside the drop ship. As I walked in, I saw him and Octavia, clearly having a sibling moment. Not of the good kind though.
     "Bellamy," I said, sounding less annoyed than I'd liked to.
     "The answer is still no. I don't care if Clarke sent you," he immediately answered. It took me a while, before finally realizing what Clarke had attempted to get him to do. She wanted him to talk to Jaha.
     "That's not why I'm here," I said, done with his harsh tone.
     "What then? You haven't spoken a word to anyone in days. Why now?" He said, clearly upset. I hurt little Bell's feelings.
     "There's a bunker with things in it and Clarke want us to go," I said, ready to leave any minute, with or without Bellamy.
     "What kind of things," he asked curiously. Finally, I had gained his attention.
     "The kind that might give us a chance to live through the winter," I said, trying to sound as if I was doing this for the whole camp. Not just myself. "Clarke said I couldn't go alone, and I don't blame her. I'd probably just taken the things and left all of you alone. That's why you are coming with me."
     "Why would you want to go with me? You haven't spoken to me since Charlotte died," he said. To my surprise, I felt numb at the mention of Charlotte. Maybe, I had finally begun to forget about her.
     "Because right now I don't feel like being around anyone that actually cares about me," I said, sounding more bitter than I intended. I could see Bellamy struggling with an answer.
     "I'll get my stuff. Meet you in ten," he said as I walked out of the drop ship. "And if you want to go with someone who doesn't care about you, you should probably find someone else."

I had finally gathered my own stuff. The last thing Bellamy said to me, about him caring, shook me a bit. I didn't think he would care. I'd been acting like a bitch ever since Charlotte died, so why did he still care? Well, now was not the time to think about that. I'd taken all my weapons with me, alongside a lot of rations. This was undoubtedly the last time I'd see camp. I couldn't stay here. I didn't want to live the rest of my life as a prisoner to the Ark. I wanted to go out. Experience the world firsthand. I would take whatever I needed from the bunker and then leave. Leave everyone behind.
     As I had walked out of my tent, finally ready to leave, I saw Bellamy putting about 20 rations in his bag. The same as I'd just done. Maybe he wanted to leave camp like me.
     "That's a lot of rations. You realize this is a day-trip, right?" I asked him, smirk on my face. I'd been a long time since last time we'd bantered.
     "A lot can happen in a day," Bellamy said, not returning my smirk. I sighed angrily. All work, no play. Gosh, this would be a long trip. Coordinates in my hand, we ventured out of the camp, both apparently ready to leave everyone behind. Hopefully, we would leave in different directions once that time came. I certainly wasn't up for spending the rest of my life, alone in a forest with him.

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