(Q&Q) a mix of terrorhouse with some retro void-bliss

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Sydrifase + Qynka follow Truuuly to the VIP, where they crash down at their table to check their screens and see what they've missed in the time since they entered the club. Qynka sees the photo from outside the club has 14k Likes, plus thousands of comments like Angelwax is officially over, and Ramilams forever. Just everyone tearing her apart, normal. She only briefly glances at the photos people are posting of her, determined not to think about how scared and nervous she appears in them.

The club is loud, visually, aurally, mentally. Everything is yellow and green and somehow both suspiciously hazy and impossibly bright. The VIP section overlooks the dance floor, which is packed. The DJ is up on one side of the wall, tapping at her screen, playing tracks everyone but Qynka seems to recognize. Qynka briefly spots Qannen in the mass of bodies, grinding against Xannika, who is licking Qannen's neck. Qynka is about to message her sister and beg her hormones to chill long enough to sit in the VIP for 11 seconds when her screen vibrates and hums, flashing the words Hello VIP friends at her.

Truuuly and Sydrifase have the same message. They look up and see their server standing before them, a nightmare princess with pale skin, a black plastic sheath dress that hangs on her in tatters, and makeup in smudgey charcoal lines from her forehead to her cheeks. "Welcome to ANGELWAX, I'm 5yla," she says. She's wearing a small black dot on her throat that sends her words to their screens as text, so she doesn't have to shout to be heard, or worry whether the zonnys pick her up clearly.

"We have a few concurrent shows tonight, besides me working tirelessly for your love and attention," she continues. "You're listening to DJ Vaxzya from Move It Or Lose It It Being The Crowd. She does a mix of terrorhouse with some retro void-bliss. Afterwards DJ Honeycrimp will do her set, mostly cloud trance. Also tonight we have three mixologists, each doing a signature challenge for Drink Up Bitch. Would you like to hear the list or do you trust me with your lives?"

"The list please," Truuuly says, not in the mood for this level of cutsey-ness.

5yla smiles and nods, sizing Truuuly up. "Well," she begins, addressing Truuuly only. "Mixologist number one has prepared a LifeSwell elderbirch-infused multi-cola with a bioactive yuni dust sachet. But that's not the one you want."

Sydrifase and Qynka give each other a look like: who tf is this bitch ?!!!

5yla continues: "Mixologist number two is doing an heirloom amla vinegar with nootropic gold quartz swirl and sensory-adaptive amino boosters." Truuuly opens her mouth to say something but 5yla cuts her off. "Again, not the one you want."

OK now we got tension. Something's happening here??? Truuuly is not the kind of bitch who is told what she does or doesn't want, ever. Qynka has never in her life seen someone be so presumptuous in Truuuly's presence. This servant might actually be about to get murdered, like right in front of the whole club. But 5yla is undaunted.

"And our third mixologist tonight is doing a Hellnight cachaça rainbow juice with a layered trio of pyro-accelerant mood enhancers." She pauses, smiling. "And I've already ordered it for you."

Truuuly actually blinks, her over-long lashes like butterflies trembling in an oncoming storm. "That's the one I want."

"I know," 5yla says, clearly pleased. "I took the liberty of doing a little research beforehand, pulled some recent retargeting campaigns and ran a predictive behavioral index."

"But how'd you know I'd be here tonight?" Truuuly asks.

5yla holds Truuuly's stare. "I didn't."

Truuuly raises an eyebrow, and 5yla raises one in return.

"Interesting," Truuuly says, finally.

"We'll just do a round thank youuuu," Sydrifase says, interjecting to break the obvious sexual tension between them and advance the scene. 5yla bows and leaves. All three watched her walk away and vanish into the crowd, Qynka through her screen. 80k followers. Not for long.

Sydrifase turns to Truuuly, mouth open wide, not saying anything.

"Interesting," is all Truuuly says, again.

"OK this bitch is finally speechless I've reached the end of the TL," Sydrifase says. Qynka can't help but laugh.

"Are you going to let her be in a picture with you? She's wet for it."

"I don't give it up that easy!" Truuuly says, mock horrified. "But we'll see," she adds, trying not to smile, failing.

Time does its thing. When their drinks arrive Qynka does a few photos with hers, tagging Hellnight, and there's her mild brand interaction for the evening, thanks Daddy. DJ Vaxzya finishes her set and DJ Honeycrimp does theirs. The trio remain at their table rather than venture out onto the dance floor. Sydrifase says they don't want anyone rubbing their sweat glands on their Fear+Weekend dress, but Qynka can tell they're only saying that so Qynka can remain safely apart from the crowd. Still, that means they're not really doing anything, which is always a risk.

But there's plenty to catch up about. Sydrifase is now officially the most popular visual music performance artist in the city, and their instructional classes are extremely taking off. If it keeps going like this they might get launch an official secondary brand around it. Truuuly updates Qynka about all the drama with her brother at 4Spirit. 4Spirit is the brand her family runs, one of the biggest corporations in the city. The past season of the 4Spirit show has mostly been about Truuuly and her brother battling each other to position themselves as the future head of the company.

"So he moved your office? While you were in a meeting?"

"Into a f*cking closet, it was a whole thing. He had someone create fake drama in the boardroom to buy himself more time. This guy ended up with a broken knee for no reason. But," Truuuly eyes the zonny on the table in front of her. "Hopefully I'll figure out how to get him back at some point. Who knows." On her screen she Likes a picture of an attractive dead body lying on top of a smashed-up car.

5yla returns to check on everyone and ask if they want more drinks. The bartender with the sensory-adaptive vinegar has already been voted off Drink Up Bitch, so that's gone but no one cries. They're debating between the other 2 options when 5yla freezes in terror. A series of looks pass across her face in rapid succession: F*ck, Sh*t, It's fine, I've got this.

Qynka turns to see what 5yla is seeing. It's a group of five men shoving their way through the crowd to the VIP section next to theirs. Pawing people out of their way without even a look. Their outfits are entirely Brother's Kin: work shirts and pants in rough cotton, boots with treads more rugged than any terrain in the city would ever require. They each have a Trash emoji tattooed on their neck and a look on their face that says: Everything under the sky is utterly beneath me.

"Conspirasan," Truuuly says.

"Noooooo," Sydrifase said. "They're so annoying."

And here they come. Literally the worst boys ever.


Nooooooo literally the worst boys ever, this is bad. More soon! The next chapter will go back to Anicentricity, so we see with what's up with her. In case you couldn't tell this Episode has chapters going back and forth between Anicentricity + Qynka & Qannen. Soooo, like that. Anyways I LOVE YOU IF YOU ARE READING THIS!!!!

Are you going to be Wattcon by any chance? I will be there! also if you are reading this I would like to give you one (1) high-five in person if you desire. No stress if you're not a high-five person. I'm not sure I am either. OK bye

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