A week later, Brooke was still sick and getting worse. Her fever was higher now, and the bruises were up to her waist. Liam and I were taking turns taking care of Brooke.

But, despite us taking turns taking care of her, I've been the one staying up with her all night. So far this week, I only got a total of two hours of sleep. Brooke got a little more sleep than I did, due to the fact she's been home for a week and a half, but she's running on four hours of sleep.

Today was Saturday and instead of sleeping, I was going grocery shopping for the next to weeks. How we get money to buy the food comes from my mother. Though I rarely see her, she helps out a lot.

"I'll go if you want," Liam said as we walked to the door. "You should stay home and get some sleep."

"I'll be fine. It's your turn to take care of Brooke anyway," I said.

"I know, but you look like hell," Liam said.

"Thanks for that," I said sarcastically. "Good friend you are."

Liam smiled. "Sorry, but it's the truth. Let me go out, Hales."

"Li, you need to stay here to take care of Brooke. You're the only one who has remotely close to a full ten hours of sleep, and I won't be much help with only two hours of sleep. Both Brooke and I are cranky, so putting us together would lead to a bitch fit. I'll be fine. Promise."

Liam sighed. "Fine, but don't take too long. I can only last so long with Cranky Bree."

I smiled at the nickname he gave Brooke when she first pulled an all nighter with me and we were both bitches. Man, that was some night.

"I'll be thirty minutes tops," I told him.

"You better. I'm timing you as of now," he said.

"Well, then I better get going." I smirked and dashed out the door.

I ran down to the store using werewolf speed. It's only a mile from the house so it doesn't take a lot of effort to carry the grocery bags. With werewolf speed and strength, it's no effort at all.

I walked inside the store and froze when I saw my mom, Kelly, and Tristan. I don't consider Alpha Evans my dad, so I call him by his name.

Great, I thought. I hope it's not too late to make a run for it.

I was about to follow up on that thought when my mom called my name. "Hayley!"


I turned around and put on a false smile, genuine towards my mom. "Hey, mom."

"Well, look who it is," my father said coolly. "My disgrace of a daughter."

"Tristan," my mother said warningly.

"Care to tell me why you've missed five days of school this past week and a half? Same goes with your friends Brooke and Liam?" my dad aske.

My jaw tightened. "Why Brooke and Liam have missed school is none of your buisness. They don't have to answer to you over their parents."

Tristan growled. "I am their Alpha! Everyone answers to me! Nobody is above me!"

"All except me," I said. "You can't order around a person with Alpha blood in their veins."

"I am your father!" he yelled. "You must obey me!"

I took a step towards him, letting the hate in my eyes blaze. "Your blood may run in my veins, but you are not my father. You never will be. You don't even deserve to be called Alpha."

"Is that a challenge?" Tristan's nostrils flared.

"Maybe it is."

"Hayley, Tristan, stop it," my mom said.

"Let them, mom," Kelly said, smirking. "I've been waiting for dad to do this to Hayley for a long long time."

"Kelly, go home," my mom ordered. "Now."

"Bitch," I said as Kelly walked past, without moving my gaze from Tristan's.

"Do not talk to you sister like that!" he yelled. "She is your superior and will be your Alpha one day! You treat her with respect!"

"She may be next in line, but she will never be my Alpha. Now, I have shopping to do," I said.

I walked past him and he grabbed my arm. "Now listen here-"

"Let go of me," I said through clenched teeth.

"Not until you respect me!" Tristan hissed. "Maybe this will teach you not to disrespect me." He raised his hand.

I snapped.

My hand shot out and grabbed his hand. I twisted it around and spun behind him, forcing him to his knees. I kneed him in the groin and tossed him to the side. All that in under three seconds.

I bent down and growled in his ear, "Don't forget, there's a reason why I'm respected, and it's not because I'm the Alpha's daughter. I'm the most dangerous member of this pack. Remember that."

Too worked up to go shopping, I ran out the door. I sprinted into the woods and shifted into my wolf.

My wolf is unlike all the others. My fur is midnight black and my eyes are a bright molten gold color. I have no other color on me, not even the white tail of an Alpha. I'm small, but my claws and teeth are sharper than most wolves, and I'm faster and stronger.

I sprinted deeper into the woods, and I heard Kelly's voice. My ears pricked, and then I heard Joel's.

Growling, I ran towards the sound. I made my way to a clearing and saw the reason behind Brooke's bruises and fever.

There was Joel, Brooke's ex mate, heavily making out with Kelly.

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