Chapter Fifty-Two

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Justin's POV

"Wow, I'm good." The cold metal of a gun pressed against the side of my face. I was pushed roughly against a wall, my face smashing into the cold bricks. I heard a quiet gasp come from the corner, I couldn't see who it was, but I knew it was Brooke.

"Get the fuck off of me." I growled, swinging my fist around to connect with the man's stomach. Whoever this guy was, I knew it wasn't Paul. He groaned when I hit him, causing his grip on me to loosen ever so slightly. I swiftly moved my ankle to connect with the back of his knees, bringing him to the floor. I jumped on top of him, ripping his gun out of his hand.

"Conrad, go get Brooke." I barked my orders at him, still holding this moron down. I lifted my fist once again to smash it into his face, the blood curdling out of it with a satisfying crunch.

"Who are you?" I snarled. "One of Paul's followers?"

"No, I'm a member of the Red Horns. My boss put me in charge of keeping an eye on her. I didn't lay a finger on her." He choked out.

I gave him a hard punch to the chest, causing him to cough and wheeze. "Good, cause if you would've touched her, you would be dead right now." The bright red blood that was cascading out of his mouth clashed with his slightly dark skin.

"Paul brought Brooke here because he wanted a job with the Red Horns. You were the one my leader wanted revenge on." He coughed drastically, trying to roll out from underneath me.

"Can't that fucking moron get over the fact that I won." I groaned, standing up from my position on the floor. The boy quickly scrambled up after me, leaning against the brick wall.

I turned around to see Brooke shivering in Conrad's arms. I walked over, nodding my head to Conrad. He placed Brooke safely into my arms, where I held her close to my chest.

"Oh my beautiful baby, are you okay?" I whispered, squeezing her close. A sobbed raked through her body, causing her knees to go weak. Luckily, I caught her before she fell, lifting her up into the air. She wrapped her legs around my waist, still crying heavily.

I didn't want to bring up the fact that she was still mad at me, because I just wanted her to be and feel safe. I held her close to my warm body, still securely holding my gun in front of me.

"Go outside, make sure no members of your disgusting gang come after me." I spat to the boy. He nodded, running out of the small room. He came back, signalling it was okay for us to follow.

"What's your name, kid." I asked him, turning around swiftly to cover my back. Brooke was still clinging to my front, but I certainly didn't mind.

"Zayn," he whispered, leading us to the side door.

"My opinion, you should get the hell out of this gang. It's a train wreck." I shook my head as we passed the dead bodies I shot moments before. Zayn looked at them utterly shocked, fear evident in his eyes.

That's Justin Bieber's work for you.

"If I could quit, I would. I need this job." He sighed, scanning his finger to let us out of the large warehouse. Surprisingly, no other gang member had come to pursue us.

Shitty ass leadership.

"Ever considered being a part of the West Side?" I asked casually. Honestly, my gang was in desperate need of new, strong members. With a little bit of training - from yours truly - he could become a very useful member.  He was just a scared kid, I knew guys like him, he was no threat to me. 

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