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Im Sarah from Action team , Today we have an interview with Writer Liva

Sarah :Hello

How're you Liva ?

Liva : Im fine & very happy with this interview

Sarah :Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

Liva : My name is Liva. I'm 21 years-old. I live in Germany but I'm actually Caucasian/Turkish. I speak quite a few languages: German, Turkish, English. I used to have french classes but I remember nothing. Right now, I try to teach myself some Korean and Spanish. I grew up in a small town here in Germany and always dream of exploring the world as soon as I get the time and possibility to do so in life.

I'm a very optimistic person. I have high goals in life. I like challenges. I have a strong bond to my family and friends. I have a weird sense of humor and often befriend people that are seen as outsiders in the public view. Me, myself, am not a insecure person tbh. I am confident in what I do and weirdly I do like the fact that my friends are different from what the society is telling young people to be. I'd like I feel like I'm moving away from the question so that should be it :)

Sarah :Can you provide a shortsynopsis of your latest book?

Liva : 2. the books I have been working are named "The Fight Club Academy" and "Double Revenge". I's about a girl who attends a fight academy. She has a interior conflicts because of her dark past and the new friends she makes. She sís insecure but at the same time she can be a confident, strong young woman. Her new friends challenge her and her abilities for the good and the bad. But at the end these people become those that keep her going in her messed up life. Within the book the young group loses loved ones because of some cruel men which causes even more difficulties. They experience what love is, what hate is and what eventfulness is.

tbh I'm not really good with synopsis's as you can tell by the summary of my story.

Sarah : What motivated you to write this story?

Liva :"The Fight Club Academy" was the first story I wrote here on Wattpad. I used to write stories before but I didn't publish anything back then. I wrote for myself. Some of my friends liked it and talk me into making a profile here. At first I was not quite sure what to write but I was always one to write adventurous stories.

I started this story during my summer holidays. I had nothing to do over the whole summer and I just started writing without really thinking about where the whole story would go but hey, I ended up winning a Watt Award for it and I can't tell you how happy I am still to this day.

Sarah : What (or who) were your early influences in writing?

Liva : Well, I don't really have someone that influenced me on writing, to be honest. I just always loved making up stories and writing them down. I started reading books before I even started with elementary school. My mom herself read a lot of books and she just got me into it in a young age

.Sarah : What kind of topics get you excited/passionate to write about and why?

Liva : I like to write what I like to read. As people can tell from my stories, I imagine things in my head like a movie scene and I write it down. This sounds weird, I know but that's just it. Songs get me going most of the time and depending on the mood the song is, the stories develops that way.. I like adventurous, humorous stories because I think they reflect my own character the best. I like fantasy as well. I haven't written anything fantasy or sci-fi related here on Wattpad but actually, I'd love to. (I have a lot of plot ideas I just can't get to write BTW) - Because I just love how our mind can think of so many impossible things and in our head they can just all be true. But when it comes to reading, it's different. I like novels, yes but I also read self-improvement books. Like, a lot. But of course, since I, myself, am no expert, I can't write about it. Or I like historical fiction as well but I don't have the ability to write such.

Sarah : Do you usually read eBooks or traditional format? 

Where do you mostly buy your books from?

Liva : I read traditional format books. I don't really like reading from my phone or from my tablet. But there was a time where read books on Wattpad but usually I buy my books in traditional format. I buy them from my local bookshop here in my hometown. But sometimes I do order them online from Amazon or something.

Sarah : I am sure that you are really busy and I appreciate you taking the time to respond personally to me. thank you again.

Liva : no need my friend , you're welcome always my dear 

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