El Manzoni

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Salvatore looked at Avanindra.

"I shouldn't ask this of you. But I don't trust anyone to look after him. Take him with you when you go, please," said Avanindra.

"You don't have to say please to me. You just have to order. Even if we don't get married, I will take care of him," said Salvatore.

"I know and I still want him to live with you or I won't have peace of mind," said Avanindra.


Aryan Vallar El Manzoni.

Aryan thought that is a mouthful. But he still decided to go with it.

His eyes narrowed as he saw the usual flirty bitches throw themselves at his husband who was looking at them like they were pests. He went out of the office and rounded the corner making everyone go back to the normal chitchat. However, he was not going to let it go this time around.

He looked at the staff Chitra who was still eyeing Salvatore.

"Anything you want to tell Salvatore here, Chitra?" he asked.

She sneered a bit trying to be subtle about it and said.

"I was wondering what he thinks about our date last night," she bit out a sickly smile on her face.

Salvatore looked at her amused.

"You are fired and last night my husband was with me in the bed," said Aryan and gave one warning look to all and left. Salvatore almost laughed at Aryan's antics. He looked at Chitra.

"Well, too bad if you ever thought I would go on a date with an absolute dimwit like you," said Salvatore.


Days went by. Aryan was pretty much used to Salvatore's gruff exterior. The man was harsh and can be stone like at times. But Aryan knew he cared and that was enough or he told himself that at first but as he saw Salvatore just existing every day, he decided he needed more from the man and knew he can get it too. Aryan was a determined person if anything. He was going to make that man live his life.


Aryan was going through some files and Salvatore was talking to Avanindra in the office room. He saw Caroline and Salvatore's guards, he assumed , standing at the door.

"Come in Carole," said Aryan.

She smiled and hugged him.

"Where is he?" she asked.

"Talking to appa. Should have known there something is happening. So what is it?" asked Aryan.

"You can stop questioning her. I have a meeting to attend," said Salvatore as he walked in.

"It is related to your business? "

"It is," said Salvatore and walked out not sparing another glance at Aryan.

Caroline looked at him apologetically. He just winked at her. 


Aryan kept glancing at the door as he waited. This was the first time Salvatore was going for any Mafia-related activities after their wedding almost a month ago now. It was more difficult than he thought. He just wanted to see Salvatore back! Fuck, How on earth did he think he can wait patiently when Salvatore was out there.

He just wished the stupid would come back home already!


Avanindra sat next to him. Aryan looked up.

"Worried?" asked Avanindra.

"Why would I be?" asked Aryan.

"When I and your dad got married, when my parents got us married, I was an animal. But Venkat, he always played against the rules. He broke into me and he made me. He brought out the humane part in me. Trust me it was not there for a long time. He would sit in the hall and wait for me to be home, would check for wounds and then send me off to have food. I first lost all hold over my mask when I saw him cry for the first time since we were married. I asked why he was crying and the dolt was looking at the invitations stack. He said, will you marry again if I can't give you a baby?"

"I was stupified. I told him I didn't want to marry once for god's sake. And a kid is in the last of my agenda list. Why on earth would I marry again. He simply looked at me. And I realised it also mattered that it is him. I can never replace him in my life and I don't know what came over me, but I am glad it did because I told him I would never replace him. I somehow reassured him and promised him that I am just his. Goodness, I was taken aback with the amount of emotions I had for him then. I hated him at first to be honest. I saw him as an interloper and then, I don't know he was so unique, I couldn't stop myself. And then I saw him look at babies longingly. He would never say anything. I saw him cry again the next time we got an invite. I had shouted at him and he was quite. Once I calmed down I held him close and told him that it didn't matter. But if it mattered so much to him, we would go to a doctor and see. He agreed. And well, we made you that nught. Ofcourse, we didn't know that till later. And then, we went to a doctor next week. There was nothing wrong with either of us and I realised the fault lies with me. I was holding back. That day your dad's tears really made me want to see what was so wonderful about it. And trust me it was awesome. When I held you in my arms for the first time, God it was the moment I realised we can't live like how we were.I can't bloody walk out with a gun and expect everything to go my way. I changed you know and I wanted to leave. I should have left that day and we would still have your dad here," said Avanindra.

Aryan was now hugging his dad as he sat there.

Salvatore cleared his throat and Aryan looked up and let Salvatore pull him up.

"Go up, I will get him to his room," said Salvatore.

Aryan nodded and hugged Avanindra who had a small smile on his face.

"Both of you go on, I will be fine," said Avanindra.

"No, I need to talk to you," said Salvatore.

Aryan scowled but left.

Once he did, Salvatore looked at Avanindra.

"You did it for me!" said Salvatore casually, helping Avanindra.

"Blood is only one factor. You are our kid too," said Avanindra.

Salvatore shook his head and looked at him.

"You kept him away from the Mafia all these years and then married him off to the biggest mob boss there is," said Salvatore.

"Who I know will protect my son and will love him with time and who I know needs a person who loves him,"said Avanindra.

Salvatore was silent.

"You know you can call us your dads once before I die," said Avanindra.

Salvatore looked at him.

"Yes, Dad and you are not going to die," said Salvatore.

"Touching," said Aryan and both turned to see him stand with a stoic expression.

"So, you married me not because you wanted to, but because he insisted? Wow!" said Aryan and shook his head and went off.

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