Title Chapter 17

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"You've received a letter by messenger hawk, young master." Fat said. Piandao nudged Indyira when he didn't stop eating.

"Oh, you meant me?" He asked. "What does it say?"

"I'm not at liberty to read your mail, sir." Fat said. "But it bares the royal seal of the Fire Nation."

"That's... odd." Indyira finally got up to take the letter. "Zuko wouldn't send me anything. He knows I can't read."

"Ah but you can now." Piandao reminded him. "Take it to your room and read it." Indyira shrugged and started to head out until Piandao cleared his throat. "Remember your manners."

"Oh um..." Indyira tried to think of what he had been taught to say. "Um... father?"


"Can I be excused?"

"May you be excused." Piandao corrected him. "Yes, you may." Indyira bowed a little before he turned to Fat.

"Thank you for the meal, Fat."

"You're quite welcome." He bowed and Indyira scuttled off to his room. He closed the door as he broke the seal on the canister. As soon as he opened it there was a familiar scent that wafted out.

"Zuko..." Indyira sighed. The parchment inside seemed to be soaked in the sweet cinnamon soap he used on his skin. He unfurled the paper to find the first page was a portrait on Zuko. Indyira smiled before he brought it to his nose and inhaled deeply. "Hello my prince." He sighed. He found some tacks and immediately hung the portrait on his wall over her desk. He gazed at it for a long time - the artist had captured his beautiful amber eyes perfectly. He went through the other papers that he sent with it. The first was filled with writing.

"Fear... no that means 'D' - Dear, Indyira." He read aloud. His name was the easiest to translate. Zuko knew a lot more words than he did but Indyira was able to read most of it. Zuko said he missed him. He didn't enjoy sleeping alone. He was worried about something - Indyira didn't know the word. He wished for happiness and love and sighed the letter: All my love, Firelord Zuko.

That night Indyira slept with the letters tucked into his pillow. And he cuddled up to it and fell asleep breathing their scent and looking at the picture of Zuko over his desk. The next morning at breakfast Piandao asked him what they were about. "He sent me a picture of himself." Indyira answered as he yawned. "Regular letter stuff. He misses me - I couldn't read some of it, Zuko knows a lot of big words." He shrugged.

"I could read it to you."

"Iroh made the same offer to read Zuko's letters to me but I can't be certain that everything in the letter is umm... appropriated."

"You mean 'appropriate'?" Piandao said. "Appropriated means to take something. Appropriate means suitable for everyone. But I get it."

"There was one word I saw - he said he was worried about something but the word was a mess of letter combinations." Indyira said. "It combined an 'A' and two 'S's and an 'I' but then there's a 'N' and..."

"Two 'S's..." Piandao asked as he put down his tea. He was about to ask Indyira to write it for him but Fat came in the room.

"You have a visitor, young master." He informed them. They were both shocked when Indyira's eyes went wide. A second later he bolted from the table. Fat shrugged when Piandao looked at him bewildered. They both followed him to his room. He was looking out his window but he was crouched down oddly. When they looked they could clearly see the man waiting patiently in the courtyard.

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