Title Chapter 16

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Zuko was just about done going through Ozai's study. He had spent the day looking through what would have been the 'Phoenix King's' future plans for the world. After he did he locked those scrolls in a box and hid it away. It was his first official day as Fire Lord and he was already terrified. "Sir?" He jumped when one of his assistants managed to sneak up on him. Or maybe they had announced themselves and he had been too distracted. "There's a bit of a problem with your... Indyira." Zuko snorted - he'd have to remember to give Indyira an official title so they knew how to address him. But in the mean time he got up and rushed out the room.

"Where is he?"

"Your bedroom, sir." He said awkwardly. Zuko moved faster and trotted into the room. He found Indyira right where he left him - in bed. He closed the door - shutting out the servants that tried to follow him. He didn't want them gossiping about this. There were already too many rumors about the new Fire Lord and his dark skinned, deviant lover.

"Indy, what's wrong?" He asked when he saw the distressed look on his face.

"I don't know what to do." He sobbed as he clutched the sheets to his chest. "I said I'd think about it but the more I do the more stressed I get and the further I get from a decision.

"You're talking about your fath— Piandao." Zuko said - he knew Indyira was still touchy about the man being his father so much so he didn't want anyone to use the word around him.

"He could answer so many questions for me. So many things about my mother that she refused to tell me. What led him to leave us with that horrible man. I could learn about his family - see what I come from."

"But?" Zuko asked - knowing it was coming.

"But how can I leave you now. We just got back together." Indyira said as he sat up and looked Zuko in the eye. "We're finally in a position where we can be together without fear and this happens."

"It's not forever. You're not going to be a prisoner - you can come home when ever you want." Zuko rationalized. Indyira looked away from him when he said that. "Oh... you fear you won't want to return."

"It crossed my mind." Indyira said quietly. "I've never known anything else besides being in Boom Town. And when you offered me the world... your world I told myself that was all I ever wanted to know - that nothing else mattered. It scares me to think I'll find something somehow more important than you."

"You should go." Zuko simply said - but he didn't sound bitter or hurt.

"How can you say that?" Indyira asked - his voice going high as he began to panic. Zuko just took his hand.

"Because I know you won't find anyone or anything better than my love for you." Zuko said. "I don't want you thinking you have to hold back or miss out on anything because you're afraid to fall out of love with me. So before you go I'll give you something to make sure you don't."

"Spice buns?" Indyira asked hopefully. Zuko made a face.

"I'd really appreciate it if you didn't refer to 'it' by that name." He said as he started taking off his clothes. Indyira just watched him for a few moments curiously. It wasn't until Zuko pulled his pants down and bent over right in front of him that he got the joke. "Lay back." Zuko ordered and Indyira did as he was told. Zuko pulled the sheets off his body before he straddled Indyira. "Are you gonna miss me?" He asked as he rubbed his ass slowly over Indyira's quickly growing erection.

"Every second." Indyira answered immediately. He wasn't sure what had possessed Zuko but he kind of liked it. He tried to sit up and kiss him but Zuko pushed him back roughly. "Every half second." he amended his earlier statement and hissed when Zuko raked his nails down his chest. He reached up and checked for their stash of lube in the usual place under the pillows. He was momentarily distracted when Zuko ground harder against him.

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