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Ethan's POV

Her lips so plump , ass so fat I can't even function right . It got me all lost .
Thinking what I could do if I hit that . Her body so nicely shaped .

FUCK... only if I could have that .

4 months later

Mary's POV

I'm sitting on my bed alone with dim blue lights on. I'm sitting here needing a hug , a kiss , a man to hold . I need some love .

August has been very distant for the past couple months he's been busy working on his music . He only comes to me when he wants to . All he ever does anymore is hold my hand . I haven't had a kiss and I need it . Ugh! I'm
fiening for his touch . I just need some love .

I don't want to ask for it or I'm going to come off as needy and only want to fuck .When all I want is to give him some love .

I got up and sat on my desk with a pen and pad . I got to writing out how I felt . He's not going to read it he's going to hear it .

I'm going to make him hear and make the girls relate .....

"Yup that beat is perfect for this song . Chris honestly you do magic ." I came to Chris house studio so I could get a beat for this song .

"Aye you know I got the hook up when it comes to this shit ." He chuckled as he lied back on his chair .

"Ight let me get in the booth . Record this shit make it dope ." I said as I headed towards the booth .

I put on the headphones . I pulled out my note pad and looked at it once before throwing it to the side . I'm going to let this one flow

straight from the top .......

"Oh shit Chris !That sounds fucking sick ." I gave him a hug .

"No you sound fucking amazing." He hugged back .

"It comes to the world and August in a few weeks maybe even sooner ." I said getting a bit nervous.

"Ok now that we're done with that let me see my princess I miss my Roro." I said with a big smile on my face .

"She's in the living room playing with the dogs . But before I let you go just need to say thank you for treating my daughter like she's yours . It honestly makes me so happy whenever she comes home and talks about you all day long . She comes home and is so happy . She's been even more happy than usual. You didn't have to step in but you did . And I thank you for that ." He gave me another tight hug .

I grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the studio and into the living room .

When she saw me and Chris together her eyes lit up .

"Daddy ! Mommy !" She started running towards us .

We crouched down ready for her hugs .

She literally ran into us giving us a tight squeeze.

"What are you doing here mommy ?" She asked.

"I came to visit you and Daddy . Why do you want me to leave ?"  I said as I opened the door .

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