Title Chapter 8

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"What are you looking at?" Indyira came up behind Zuko and kissed his neck. Zuko instinctively hunched his shoulders and snorted over how it tickled.

"Nothing. We've got a view of a brick wall." He said before leaned back against Indyira. Jet lifted an eyebrow. He had been following them because he thought they were fire benders but it seemed 'Lee' and 'Indy' were actually lovers. Against his better judgment he kept watching them.

"Mmm... Moshi won't be back until the tea shop closes in three hours." Indyira hummed. He didn't glance up even though he could feel eyes on them. Jet had a lot of balls spying on them after his warning earlier. He didn't scare easy which meant Indyira had to do something to really shock him into leaving them alone. "Your skin is so warm..." Zuko responded to his touch without hesitation – he didn't know Jet was watching them. He probably wouldn't want to carry on this way if he knew. Or maybe he just didn't care. "I got you something."

"A present?" Zuko asked before he turned to Indyira. He eagerness for gifts had never waned and Indyira smirked as he reached in his banbi. Zuko looked down at the vial Indyira placed in his hands and flushed a little. "Indy..."

"Ba Sing Se has quite a few red light districts." He said as he put his arms around Zuko. He nuzzled his neck and Zuko chuckled.

"I suppose we've waited long enough." He agreed. He pressed his lips to Indyira's ear. "I've been thinking about it ever since I came back."


"Yeah – we just never had time alone... or a bed." Zuko said. His nervousness didn't go unnoticed and Indyira embraced him.

"We don't have to if you don't—

"No!" Zuko said sternly. "Roll out your futon." He ordered.

"Yes sir." Indyira said and went to grab it from where they stored the beds in an alcove. He made up his bed – it was nothing fancy, just a tri-fold pad and a thick kakebuton. Zuko had gone into the bathroom for a moment so he sat there and waited for him. He was shrugging out of his shenyi when Zuko came out in a simple green robe. He didn't need coaxing to join Indyira in bed. He knelt between his legs and leaned in for a kiss. Indyira was a little irritated; he could still feel Jet watching. This was his private moment with Zuko he didn't want an audience even if it meant getting rid of him for good. He thought about closing the shutters but it was already so hot in the small apartment. Closing the window would make it unbarable - to him at least, Zuko seemed to thrive on heat. The hotter the better.

"What's wrong?" Zuko asked as he pulled at the sash for Indyira's pants.

"Nothing." Indyira said as he brought him in for a kiss. He flipped them over and laid Zuko out beneath him before he pulled open the robe. Zuko's skin was still so smooth and pale. He ran hands up his chest and around his neck when Zuko tipped his head back. He stroked down to his abdomen and Zuko spread his legs apart - welcoming Indyira to touch him where ever he wanted without saying a word. From his perch Jet probably couldn't see much but Indyira knew he could see enough through the open shutter.

"Indy..." When Zuko sighed his name he ceased to care what that little nuisance could see of his prince. Zuko handed him the vial and bent his knees. "Tease me later." Indyira smirked and uncorked the bottle. He wet his fingers and slid them into Zuko one at a time. Kneading the muscles in his thighs when he tensed up from the pain. Despite that he pushed himself further onto Indyira's fingers. "Yes..." He hissed and arched his back a little. Indyira reached up and rubbed over one nipple, then the other before he ventured lower and stroked Zuko's erection. His body relaxed and Indyira touched his sweet spot. "Ahh!" Zuko yelped and grabbed Indyira's wrist. He was biting his knuckle in an attempt to keep quiet.

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