Night of Your Life - Part 1

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"Feelin' a bit jittery 01?"

"Just ready to get on the ground," 01 answered, looking over at Ion. "Those tinny's won't shoot themselves," he added.

"Well, I've heard that sometimes they do," Kilo piped up, looking over. He got up off the ground as the LAAT/i shuddered a little, and he fumbled for his footing, grabbing the steady bar.

"You know what I mean," 01 said, rolling his eyes. He hefted his blaster a little, checking the charge and ammo before rocking back some on his heels to get a better view out the slats on the side of the ship.

"I can see the ground," he reported, looking back.

"Good for you," Ion answered dismissively, kneeling down to check his weapons and charge. He popped the ammo pack out of his blaster, checked it, and stuck it back in before he stood up and grabbed the steady bar. The ship lurched again as they passed through another layer of atmosphere then the lights blinked on red.

"Drop in 2!" the pilot called back. "You boys have fun!"

01 grinned beneath his helmet as he glanced around at the others, all holding on and ready for the drop. The ship shuddered slightly, taking a slight dive before pulling up and stalling as the doors opened.

"Move!" Ion yelled, letting go of the bar and jumping off the side of the ship, snapping his blaster into the ready position. 01 and Kilo followed, jumping down and immediately pulling up their weapons. 01 scanned the area with his HUD as his helmet buffered out the sound of the LAAT/i taking off behind them. It didn't filter out the cloud of dust that got kicked up, though.

"All clear on my side," Kilo reported, backing up slightly.

"All clear on my side too," 01 echoed.

"Same here. Advance to point A, keep a keen eye out," Ion instructed, taking the lead as he lowered his blaster, but held one finger on the trigger, starting into the tall grass, alert and aware.

01 and Kilo followed. 01 scanned the area as they walked, blaster lowered, but ready. His HUD scanned regularly, occasionally registering the heat signature of larger vermin with the two bio-signs of Ion and Kilo pulsing strong to the right of the readout. He could see little through the grass but trusted his HUD to alert him to any threats.

"So, whatcha think now that we're on the ground 01?" Kilo asked after a few minutes.

"I was expecting more action," 01 yawned, feigning a stretch as they walked before putting his hand back on his blaster.

"What, would you have rather they dropped your shiny shebs in the middle of Christophsis with the 501st and the 212th?"

01 turned his head some to keep scanning the area. "If only. I'd kill to be in the 501st or the 212th. They see all the action on the front lines with General Skywalker and Kenobi. That's where I wanna be, up front, packing droids full of plasma. I was born to shred tinnys, not wander backwater farm planets," he complained.

"You sound like every other rookie to come off the line, but I'd bet you'd run at the first sight of a real droid," Kilo taunted him from behind.

01 was about to turn around and retort back with Ion cut them both short. "Shut up, the both of you. Neither of you has been here longer than a week, and neither of you has any concept of what a real fight is. Take it from someone with a little more experience and hope your life stays as uneventful as it is now."

Both of the younger troopers fell silent a moment before 01 answered, "yessir," in a dull tone. Kilo echoed the response and the conversation ended there as they continued through the tall grass. 01 returned to systematically scanning, following behind Ion until they slowed, coming to the end of their walk.

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