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A lot more classes follow when James and Luke goes to all of them, Sacha on the other hand... She skips most of the classes, she spends her time in the canteen, talking with people she knew from other classes and just random people she ever talked to and decide to talk again.

But after school, after all those classes James walks over to her. "Do you think skipping classes will help you?" he asked.

"Teachers don't appreciate me inside the class so why would I be there? We're going to live together anyway and you'll have a good job as teacher."

".. wait.. you..y-you... you.. wa-want to l-live with me?" James stutters.  his cheeks burned red.

"Only when you have your eyes checked." Sacha says.

James sighs and nods. "Why do you want me to check my eyes anyway?"

"Because you're almost blind and I think glasses would look cute on you." Sacha says, trying to send him poetical love messages.

James cheeks become even more red after the 'cute'-word she said.

"So... when you were in class I arranged an appointment at the optican to check your eyes."

James eyes widen with some kind of fear.

"I'll be with you. It'll be our first date." Sacha teases.

"Sach... I can't..." James tries to get away with it.

"Do I have to ask Luke to drag you all the way?"

"No.. no.. I..will go to get my eyes checked." James sighs heavily. There is no way out of this, he'll have to get his eyes checked on and he knows he'll need glasses...

"Let's go." Sacha says, wrapping her arm in James' who mentally melts as his heart beats faster.

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