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After Sonora crept back into the house and tumbled into bed, she did nothing but toss and turn all night. What had her grandfather gotten himself into? What had he done in the past that still haunted him after all this time?

She finally dozed off right before sunrise only to be woken up by her dad for a pancake breakfast. Sonora blearily followed him down the stairs rubbing her eyes and yawning.

"Long day yesterday and crazy night, eh?" Mike said over his shoulder to her.

"You have no idea, Dad."

"I saw you in the arms of that man. I'm not losing you too, am I?" Mike's light tone was at odds with the deep feelings he had of his daughters moving on with their lives.

"You'll always be my main man, Daddy." Sonora hugged him from the back as they got to the bottom stair.

Mike turned in her arms and wrapped his around her and kissed the top of her head. He wished that were true, but he knew better. "Come on. Mom made our favorite. Pecan!"

Sonora laughed as her father's eyes light up on the last word. Pecans were indeed their favorite, but it's not like they didn't get them often. Every weekend mom made the delicious little flapjacks for them.

Sonora was mid-bite, stuffing her mouth full of the buttery, syrupy goodness when her grandfather tipped his head at her then his house. She looked down at her plate, then at Blake. Pointing her fork down at her plate, letting him know she wasn't going anywhere until she finished her breakfast.

Blake snorted and nodded his head. Sonora was known for how many pancakes she could put away. He wouldn't have imagined he could pull her away from them until she was ready.

After she helped her mother with the dishes, she loaded up a heaping plate of leftovers and walked over to her grandfather's. She wasn't surprised to see Ian when she walked in.

"Here, I brought you a plate," she said as she handed it over. Ian looked them over with a little too critical of an eye for her taste. "Their pancakes."

"I know what they are. I wasn't sure what the bits in them were."

"Their pecans. It's my mother's recipe, and it's delicious." Sonora started to wave her finger at him. "And after everything I ate at your place, willingly downing anything you gave me, I expect that you will eat these and enjoy them."

Ian threw up his hands. "I'm eating them. I'm eating them." He shoved a large bite into his mouth and stopped. After swallowing, he said, "Your right. They are delicious."

As he ate, Ian eyed Sonora. She stood, leaning against the counter on the opposite side of the room. He waved her over to him. "Sunny, come here."

"No." Sonora crossed her arms. "I don't want to move. I'm tired and grumpy."

Ian looked innocent as he said, "Oh, really? I had not noticed."

When done eating, Ian rinsed his plate and set it in the dishwasher. Not for the first time, Sonora wondered how he was so familiar with this world. Not to mention that he is getting downright cozy in Grandpa's kitchen, and Grandpa doesn't seem to mind one bit. Kinda weird since I thought they were enemies of some sort. Before she could say anything, Blake started talking.

"Sunny, I googled the museum, and you are right, it is part of the new exhibit." Blake heaved a large sigh. "We don't want to ask this of you, but we can't be seen there. Can you go in and scope it out? See where the closest exit is, how it is set up? That sort of thing. We can do everything else from there."

"Yep, sure," she said calmly. The men exchanged a look. "I was going to help you anyway."

Both men's faces turned thunderous, but it was Ian that said. "I will not allow it. You will not do anymore then what we ask of you today."

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