one; a drunken memory

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C H A P T E R  O N E ;

"y o u  s w e a r not to tell maddie, or i will actually kill you," millie spoke in a low voice, her british accent being more transparent when she was angry. "damn bitch, i suck at keeping secrets but not at setting people up!" sadie winked, softening her tone as she finished the sentence. "so you're all in?" millie repeated.

"well hell fucking duh," she moaned with an eye roll as if it was obvious, her plucked eyebrows raised at the end. millie gave her a solid nod and a sweet smile as she fluffed the pillow behind her, sitting on their navy couch in front of a vintage television.

"i need you to earn us an invite to that frat party tonight, maddie's the hostess," millie explained.

sadie laughed as she stood up, popping the last purple grape in the bowl directly into her mouth. "you don't need an invite, we can sneak in, easy shit," she continued sharing party knowledge with her fellow roommate who was fairly uneducated.


"how is this skirt slipping off, am i really loosing this much weight from a poor diet?" millie gasped at herself, apparently easy microwave noodles and occasional fruit wasn't enough.

"you know what, i don't even have enough money to start with, so its like a free gym membership!" she exasperated, swinging open the bathroom door and storming to her drawer.

she scrambled through to find a thin black belt, tying it around her small waist. "yes?!" she screamed into her outdated iphone, adjusting it between her ear and shoulder after pressing accept.

"i think you're making a mistake helping him you know, i wouldn't do it!" noah, her second place partner in crime, chirped.

she sighed loudly, pinching in small diamond earrings watching herself in the scratched vanity, "i'm a little busy ri- wait, the finn thing?" she asked, her voice cracking at the end.

"obviously, yes. someone might get hurt mills and i don't want it to be you," noah spoke from the other side of the phone, being alone in his dorm.

he was an amazing advice giver, if anything he was the best one to talk to. but yet, like everyone else, he was sure something had to be going on between finn and millie.

"why would i get hurt?! you're crazy my boy," she chuckled, applying sheer lip gloss. "ohh if i'm crazy then you're over the top! we're crazy together aye?" noah joked, making them both laugh.

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