Chapter 7 Schools out for ever (Picture of Agent X)

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Hello people. Hope you've enjoyed the story so far!I bet in this chapter you will wish this happened at your school!



I walked with James and Harry over to the black porsche that was in the car garage, I had never ridden in a sports car so I was so damn excited! I got into the front with Harry driving and fastened my seatbelt. I put my sunglasses on and enjoyed the ride. This thing was so darn fast! We were at school in what felt like a few minutes.

We entered the front doors and walked over to meet Layla outside the school office, she looked so pretty with her outfit and with those pretty little earings! I couldnt help but find her cute, she was so tiny. Get a grip Lara! I reminded myself. We walked to the computing science department. Oh my god, this is still in school time! I walked ahead and knocked on the classroom door. I then opened the door and walked in infront off the whole of my computing science class in my leathers and shades.

"Erm... Dr Wogan?" I asked. I saw the back of his head with his midnight coloured hair.

"Uh huh.." He hadnt turned around to see me in my leathers, he thought I was a student.

"Can I have a word outside?" He turned around to face me, his eyes widened. I heard the class murmuring things to eachother.

"Yes, actually, you can take the class while I'm gone." My eyes widened this time. Me, take the class?

"Okay, erm... Right class, page 56 of your texbooks, I'll guide you through." I said. This is awkward. Dr Wogan stepped outside and shut the door behind him. I heard the whispering of the class. Things like: Is she an agent? She looks like a spy. Maybe she's just some branch of police. Maybe she's in drama and doing roleplay. I tried not to laugh at these comments, its probably what I would be thinking at this point if I was here as usual.

"Now, question one, how do you break an access barrier to a virus with a strong wall behind it?" A hand shot up, I looked over to see who it was. It was Jena Moody, second best in the clas apart from me. I nodded.

"Correct, any questions?" I asked. More whispering and then a confident hand.

"Do you work for the goverment?"

"Thats not a proper question-" Another hand popped up.

"Are you a spy?"

"Why do you want to speak to Dr Wogan."

"Dr Wogans fit!" A lot of nodding heads in agreement there.

"Why are you wearing sunglasses?" I was starting to get a headache, I wasnt allowed to answer a few of these.

"Only James wears sunglasses when its raining." My head was so sore! Wont they just shut up?

"Oh yes! He looks so hot in them doesnt he?" That made me feel special, I was friends with James while they were still perving on him.

"Arent you going to carry on with the class?" Ugghh.

A whole load of voices buzzed in my head. Id had enough, Im a tolerable person but this was just horrendus.

"SHUT IT!" I shouted. They did just what I'd asked.

"Now, question 2." I said, blowing a loose strand of hair away from my face.

" How many-"

"Agent!" I turned round to see James.