Loxo's Fanfic

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That is just cold... I like it. Oh hey look, this is part 27. My lucky number


Voodoo: Because of your other dare... now someone help me unlock this lock of this door that says 'Loxo's Fanfics'

Silence: *attempting to unlock the lock*

Bishop: *holds up a book labeled "Loxo's fanfics: Do not touch"* Got it right here.

How the f- oh yeah...you're so small you can go through key holes. Open up on a random page and read there.

Loxo: *gulps* Wait!!! We should sustain Rose for our safety!!!

Lemondrop: I don't think that's necessarily Loxo... that's also a cruel idea...

Dusk: Begin the fanfiction! 

Bishop: I'm not that small... I snuck in last time he unlocked it then snuck out... Alright *sits ontop of Bloody's head and opens up to a random page* Let's begin...

Voodoo: I think we're...well, you're good, Loxo. Alpha Bloods doesn't move when their twin is on them.

What page you got yourself into?

Bishop: Well the Fic is called Love doesn't end. It's a bloodymarie fic...

Wait... Like...Bloody Mary?

Bishop: .... yes ... *shifty eyes*

Wait, Loxo why the fck do you have that?

Loxo: *giggles nervously*

Dusk: Hehe, well begin reading.

Bishop: Ok! It was a starry, Two Inklings, Bloody and Marie gazed at the stars before looking at each other, love filling their hearts.

...Wait a minute....*squints their eyes while trying to figure out what Bishop just said*

Lemondrop: Dear oh dear...

Voodoo: Go on...

Bishop: Some say that the love in their chests burned like a flame. A flame much brighter than the stars that surrounded them.

Ricochet: Ooh


Voodoo: *munching on some small peices of meat* Carry on

Silence: What happens next?

Bishop: They knew they couldn’t stay there forever, so when the time came to say goodbye. They shared a kiss under the pale moonlight, hoping to see each other again.

*opens their mouth to shout something but stays silent instead*

Lemondrop: Thank the holy white wolf that Bishop is on their head...

Voodoo: Yeah or else this would have been different...

Bishop: *looks up from book* You're welcome *looks back at book to continue reading* But their next encounter was not what they had in mind. Marie had become ill with a deadly sickness. Bloody watched as their one true love slowly faded away

*breaths in while trying to keep their composure*

Loxo: Hey, I got a good idea!! Maybe stop reading and let's do something else!!

Dusk: *looks at Bishop* Please don't stop... It's getting good.. 

Silence: Yeah!

Bishop: Sorry Loxo, I've already begun so by law I can't stop until it is over. 

Dusk: Yay!

Bishop: Their love was strong but not strong enough to save their lover’s life. Marie looked at Bloody who looked back, both with eyes full of sorrow.

*silently chuckling to themselves while digging their nails on the ground*

Voodoo: Oooh.... How long until Alpha Bloods loses it?

Lemondrop: I have my hopes up that they can manage through all of it.

Bishop: Well they lasted this long... Don't worry Bloody, it is almost over... They shared one final kiss before Bloody’s love slowly slipped into a wakeless slumber.

*breathes in heavily and shakes their head*

Lemondrop: C-Classy you're doing great in keeping calm! Just a little longer!

Silence: Honestly I'm suprised ...

Ricochet: Bloody looks like they wanna kill someone.

Voodoo: We should keep Bishop on them for the next few chapter just in case...

Bishop: Oh arceus I'm gonna be a hat for the next few chapters... *sarastically * Yay.....Ok... *continues reading* Bloody filled with an overwhelming sadness looked at their love one last time before exiting the room. *closes book* The end.

*eye twitches while gritting their teeth*

Voodoo: Um- uh....

Loxo: Okay so that's all for today!!! Got any more dares or asks? Be sure to have us know down in the comments!!! Bye-bye buggies and stop trying to kill me!!! I need to live!!! Now please give me back my book!!!

Bishop: Haha, Nope *poofs away with the book* 

Silence: Ummm


Lemondrop: Uh oh... Bishop isn't on top of their twin anymore...

Voodoo: Which means...

*breaths in calmy* ....so that's how it's gonna be.... *suddenly charges at Loxo* NO ONE IS GONNA SAVE YOU FROM WHAT I'M ABOUT TO DO TO YOU!!!

Voodoo: *looks at the camera* If someone actually made this fanfic longer and published it, I bow down to you...

Loxo: *running around the room* NO!! I'M SORRY, BUT IT HAD TO BE DONE!!!! *runs into the camera*

Lemondrop: The camera!!!

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