Millard x reader

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Millard's Pov

It's quite amazing how one peculiarity can serve multiple uses. Mine, for example, is perfect for spying which, unsurprisingly, was what I was doing right now.

"You are so useless and weak!" Enoch screeched at his younger sister, causing me to explode with anger. "You can barely heal a wound!" Y/n hung her head low, wiping any tears that Enoch might see from her face.

"I-I'm s-sorry Enoch.." She mumbled making Enoch scoff. "See this just proves my point, your so weak that you can't even accept criticism," He continued. He steps towards her pushing her making her fall, or at least that's what they thought. Before she could fall, I ran over and caught her. I heard a small gasp coming from Y/n.

"I've had enough of this Enoch, you need to stop picking on your sister. Y/n is a god damn good healer and you know it, I mean I can recall many times that you went to her when you needed knicks and bruises healed!" I yelled. "She's your sister for crying out loud!" Enoch rolled his eyes at me and crossed his arms trying his best to look intimidating but failed miserably.

"Well she's a disgraceful sister!" He said coldly glaring at her. Enoch walked away to who knows where leaving me and his heartbroken sister in the backyard alone. As soon as he left, Y/n started to sob uncontrollably and wiping at her face non-stop (Pun so totally intended).

"Hey Y/n, what he just said was completely false and you know it. Miss Peregrine said it herself, your one of the best healers she has seen in years!" She shook her head and said, "I-It's not that, I-I don't k-know why E-Enoch hates m-me," She whispered. "He's an ass, N/n and probably jealous that everyone likes you better than him," I explained.

I wrapped her in a warm embrace making sure she knows that I'm here for her. She chuckled softly and hugged me back, nuzzling her head in my neck. She pulled back and looked down at the ground, blushing like an idiot causing me to blush even more (ThAnK bIrD fOr InViSiBiLlItY).

Y/n looked absolutely stunning, with her H/l h/c hair blowing in the wind, the piercing gaze of her e/c eyes, and the soft pink hue that spread on her face whenever I was with her, it made her look like a supermodel. It would be idiotic to not tell her how I felt, I mean I knew she felt the same way since I ACCIDENTALLY read her diary a while back. So I swiftly brought Y/n closer to me and molded our lips together. I could tell she was caught by surprise but nevertheless kissed me back, a smile forming on both of us.

"I-I uh did we.. did you I-I-I-"She tried to say after but I cut her off and explained, "I love you N/n and anybody who doesn't is stupid," She smiled and hugged me again. "I love you too!" She replied in a muffled voice kissing my forehead.

"Let's go to the Library," I told her after we pulled away from what seemed like hours of hugging. Y/n nodded her head and I took her hand and squeezed it tight. "I will always love you no matter what N/n!"

"I will always love you to Mill!"

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