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We tried calling his phone again. No surprise when he didn't answer.

Lucky definitely seemed to be getting worried. Noah and him must be close, strange how I'd never heard of him.

Now that I thought about it, I didn't know anything about Noah.

Granted he knew little about me as well, but he knew things like my best friend, where I lived...Eric.

And I knew...nothing.

"Aria!" I heard Lacey call out from the distance before she ran through the door.

"Wow..." I heard Lucky say next to me, his eyes glued to Lacey... oh boy.

"Thanks for coming Lacey, but he's not here..."

"I know he's not - but I do know where he is!"

"You do!?" I said hopefully.

She nodded her head then looked around as if she was searching for something. Then she grunted and stormed out the room.

Lacey entered  a few moments later dragging a tall lanky boy through the doors by his collar. He had messy, ash grey hair, and wore a white tee shirt, a black beanie, and ripped jeans.

In his hand he held a glass that was emptied.

"You spilt my drink!" He complained.

"You're too young anyways." Lacey took the drink from his hand and placed it on the table. Lucky and I just watched, confused.

"C'mon, I turn 21 in a month."

"That's a month too young, Max."

He rolled his eyes.

"Sorry, but," I cut in. "Didn't you say you knew where Noah went?"

She poked Max on the shoulder.

"Tell them what you told me."

Max took a deep breath and slouched, looking like he really didn't want to be here, or talk.

"I know Noah, kind of. We do some business together-ish."

Business? Does he mean like, drugs?

As if he read my mind he turned to me.

"No, not like drugs."


"I saw him at tonights street race, he usually uses my car to enter so I lent it to him. And that's when Lacey called m-"

"Whoa whoa whoa... did you say street race? As in illegal racing?" I eyes popped.

Lucky didn't seem surprised, just disappointed as he shook his head next to me. Did he know about this?

"Yup." Max sounded completely unbothered.

Lacey stepped forward.

"I called Max to see if I could borrow his car, he mentioned that a friend of his named Noah was using it... to race." She spat the last part disapprovingly, glaring at Max. Who had turned his eyes to the floor.

"We can leave soon, I'm just waiting for-"

Then the door opened and Keith entered wearing a navy blue hoodie and black jeans. He was dressed differently than usual. He was

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