Philips PowerTouch Pro PT920 Rechargeable Electric Shaver Review

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While an electric shave will never be as close as a wet shave, the Philips PowerTouch Pro PT920 Rechargeable Electric Shaver comes very close. Philips' TripleTrack shaving system has a 50% larger shaving surface, resulting in more contact with the skin. Greater skin contact means a smoother, faster, and more consistent shave.The shaver charges completely in 60 minutes, and provides that same amount of shaving time on a full charge. Make no mistake: 60 minutes of shaving can last almost one month. LED indicator lights show when the battery is low, charging, and fully charged. There is also a quick charge that only takes 3 minutes and provides enough of a charge for one shave. This is especially convenient when the battery is allowed to run completely out.

The Philips PowerTouch Pro PT920 Rechargeable Electric Shaver is also convenient for travelers. It comes with a charging stand and a convenient zip-locking carrying case. Considering how long it holds a charge, you might find it unnecessary to take the charger stand with you.

Cleaning is incredibly easy. Pressing the release button flips open the shaving unit. Rinse the shaver under hot running water for 30 seconds, then leave it open and allow it to air dry.

Philips recommends replacing the shaving unit every year. The company makes two shaving heads (HQ8 and HQ9) that both fit this shaver.

 The company makes two shaving heads (HQ8 and HQ9) that both fit this shaver

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Patented TripleTrack shaving system provides 50% larger shaving surface

Ultra-thin PowerTouch shaving heads have slots to catch longer hairs and holes to handle close stubble

Easy to wash with Phillips QuickRinse system

Ribbed rubber grip

Provides over 60 minutes of shaking time

3 minute quick charge for one shave

Li-Ion rechargeable battery

SmartPivot technology maintains close skin contact with the 3 shaving heads

Integrated full width pop-up trimmer for side burns and mustaches

Travel pouch and charging stand

2 year service guarantee

What Customers Are Saying

This is the best electric razor I've ever used; I was genuinely surprised at the results; all round, a really good quality product. – J. Mcdonald

Its the best dry shave I have ever had. Even the littlest tiny stubble goes. – Terence Mclaughlin

The Philips PowerTouch Pro PT920 Rechargeable Electric Shaver is very highly rated, according to online customer reviews. It can be fully charged within 60 minutes, and provides one hour of shaving on a full charge. For a quick shave, a 3 minute charge is all that is needed.

Customers giving positive ratings state that the PT920 gives as close a shave as can be expected from an electric shaver. They have also been impressed by how easy this shaver is to clean under hot running water. The carrying case and docking stand received praise for the most part, although a select minority found the case and stand to be "useless".

Some customers who were replacing an older Philips shaver with this model were a bit disappointed. According to some, the older HQ8 heads perform better than the new HQ9 heads included on this product. Interestingly, some have discovered that the older heads fit exactly into this newer model, and some made that adaptation. More shaver review at

There is some chatter in the reviews about the plug. It comes with a 2 pin plug. While this is perfect in most parts of the world, travelers to the UK might find it necessary to bring along a 3 prong adapter. But if this shaver holds a charge for as long as they say, bringing the charger along might not be necessary.

If you are making a switch from an up and done electric shaver to a rotary shaver, understand that it will take time for your skin to adapt. Some customers who were making this switch were initially disappointed in the closeness of the shave because they had just switched from a Braun up and down shaver. However, most you were making that switch learned to adapt and eventually reported great results.


Very close shave for an electric shaver

Easy to use

Charges quickly and holds charge well

Fully charged in only one hour

Rinses clean under hot water


Stand is not very sturdy

Not as close as a wet shave

Might not shave as closely or as quickly as older Philips models

New HQ9 heads don't perform as well as the older HQ8 heads

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