Chapter One | Confession

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A Hint of Magic By Claire Chilton

Chapter One | Confession

Dora Carridine shifted uncomfortably on the hard wooden seat of confessional, staring blankly at the red velvet curtain in front of her. She glanced sideways at the wooden grate and sighed. This is going to suck.

"Tell me your sins, child."

She recognized her father's voice and shook her head. "What, all of them?"

"Just this week will do." Her father, the reverend Theodore Carridine, snapped on the other side of the grate.

"I forgot to do the dishes again," she said.

"Did you confess to your mother?"

"No, I was hoping she wouldn't notice."

"Lying is a sin."

"So is making me wash up after curry night." She idly twirled her combat knife in her hands.

"No it isn't!"

"Are you sure?" She grinned as she heard her father lose his cool. It was nice to see a human side to the good reverend. Most of the time, he seemed more like a preacher than a dad to her.

"It's not in the scripture."

"Neither is day dreaming over Taylor Lautner, but you said that was a sin," she mumbled as she slipped the knife back into the scabbard inside her black biker boots.


"Nothing." She played with the frayed edge of her black mini-skirt and attempted to sound innocent.

"Have you been having sexual thoughts?" her father asked

She grimaced. "Eww! I'm not telling you that." She noticed the shadow of her father shake his head.

"Fine. What other sins do you need to confess?"

"I stole a cookie out of your lunch box last week."

"Which one?"

"The Oreo."

"Damnit Dora, I love those ones. Why would you do that?"

"Mom didn't give me any cookies."

"Do you think you deserve cookies?"

"Everyone deserves cookies."

Her father growled. "What else?"

She sighed. "It was me who broke the TV. I sneaked into a nightclub with Ellie last week and met a boy. Oh, and I joined a demon worshipping forum online."

"WHAT!" She heard a thud in the other booth and suspected her father had just dropped his bible.

"Well, you asked. Now can I be forgiven, so we can get this over with?"

"What forum? I'll have them shut down. What boy?"

"Oh just some random forum, and I dunno what his name was. He was just a guy. He seemed nice when he took me for a ride on his Hog."

"You are beyond saving."

"That's not how it works."

"You're grounded for a month. Get out and pray for forgiveness fifty times, and then go to your room!"

"Fine, but don't blame me if next week I have to confess to breaking out of my room," she said as she opened the curtain and stepped out into her father's church. She smiled as walked towards the doors of the church, hearing him roar behind her. I'm not asking for forgiveness. Serves him right for being a dick.

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