Chapter 39

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I stared down at the morning Mysteryspell newspaper, the headlines reading, "3 DEAD AFTER OVER-DOSING AT FRAT PARTY" Perfect. The entire community had bought my little ruse the other night and I had to admit to myself that I was pleased with my handiwork. I had just walked into the lecture hall at the college and headed straight into Sebastian's office. He was standing just inside, reading something in one of his texts. I smirked at him when he looked up, and smacked him in the chest with the newspaper before I went to go lounge on his couch. My smirk didn't leave my face as he unfolded my weapon and read the headlines.

His face shot up to me with surprise saying, "You?!" My smirk deepened and my eyebrow shot up. He gave me a slightly-disapproving look back before he turned to read what the article had to say. Without looking up he said, "I didn't know your hunting was branching out to students, Sasha." "Templars are Templars, Seb. Baby or not." He just narrowed his eyes at me before tossing the paper on his desk and returning to his text. "You need something?" He asked me. "You," I smirked. His eyes shot up to lock with mine as his brow furrowed. "You finally coming on to me or did you need me in a different capacity, witch?"

"Ouch," I drawled out in mock hurt. "Someone's crabby. What's got your knickers in a wad, wolf boy?" He glared at me before turning back to his text while he answered, "I'm busy. I've got a lot of work right now." I took a magical finger and pressed it against his forehead, pushing his head back in a small shove. "That wouldn't get you so pissy, what gives, Seb?" He gave an irritated sigh and tried to focus on his reading but his mind betrayed his deeper thoughts; my upcoming visit to Viktor and his lack of complete understanding about me becoming Viktor's Bride, was stewing under the surface. I sighed. Revealing the truth had brought us closer but it also made him worry about me more now.

"Seb," I drawled out in a caring tone. "Stay out of my head, Sash," he warned in response. "Hey! Enough with that. Just talk to me about it alright. Stewing and pushing me away, since I'm the one you're worried about, are not going to help," I scolded him. He gave an irritated sigh because I was right, slamming his book closed and tossing it on his desk. "I'm sorry, Sasha. What can I help you with?" I was in front of him in a second, brushing his hair out of his face, looking at him tenderly. I stepped into him and gave him a hug until he finally returned the embrace. "Well I was kinda hoping to use your nose tonight, if you wouldn't mind."

He pulled back and looked at me. "How so?" "Well we need to locate the place where the vamp's associates are making the drugs and I was hoping that maybe you could help me look in the areas of town that Nicolae said were the most likely to contain the right place." "I'm happy to help but I don't even have a scent on either of the two that you were shown," he pointed out. "Well, I was thinking that there might be a rare possibility of you picking up on vampire combined with werewolf; specifically our rogue's, even if it will be way old. Your nose is that good right?" Werewolves had excellent senses just like vampires but their noses were even better than ours and could pick up the faintest scent weeks old, when ours couldn't. Ours did fine with old scent if it was saturated; like Viktor's room had been.

He smirked at me and said, "It's a long shot but I'm willing to try. What do I get if I find them?" He pulled me up against him tighter, teasing me. I rolled my eyes and smirked back saying, "A dog treat?" I couldn't stop the wicked chuckled that escaped my lips, developing into a loud bit of laughter at his mock glare. He gave me a quick wap on my ass for that and released me. "I'll settle for a drink and a dance later," he said. "No prob. At 'The Den?'" I asked. He gave me his half smile and nodded. "Sash, about New York," he started but I cut him off. "Seb, I have to go. I have no choice. I'm sorry you're worried about me, about the trip, about the whole thing."

He sighed. "I know that, I just feel frustrated." "At what, exactly?" I asked. "Well feeling helpless to stop it for one thing." "You're not alone in that. Get in line behind the other four of us," I said with a bitter edge. "It's more than that though, Sasha. Something doesn't add up for me in this." I furrowed my brow at him, "Like what?" He rolled his eyes and gave an irritated growl saying, "If I knew, it wouldn't frustrate me so bad. I mean, why now? Haven't you asked Viktor before to not send you out on missions?" "Yeah, I suppose I've asked him a few different times over the years." Sebastian shook his head and gave another frustrated sigh. His mind revealed that he was going to think on it some more. Whatever helped him sleep. "I'll see you tonight, ok? Meet me here," I said, placing an address on his desk.

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