Chapter 16: Kat

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The shift from my subconscious to conscious was sudden as I woke in a start with a sharp gasp sucking through my teeth. I laid there for a few seconds as my mind followed suit, slowly and steadily stirring to life along with my body. I rolled over in bed, pressing my palms into my dry eyes as I felt a yawn reach up my throat and stretch my mouth wide.

The sheets were softer than normal and I wiggled my body against the bed, enjoying the unusual smooth sensations that passed along my bare skin. My entire body felt oddly relaxed, almost like it was made of jello. My mind was still in the very early stages of awakening and was floating through the fog of sleep when something jumped it into full alert in a snap.

My eyes shot open as the bed moved next to me and I froze. No, not the bed, someone in the bed next to me.

The phrase 'what the fuck' flashed across my brain on constant replay as I lay there, petrified, by this discovery. Unable to lay there in unknowing torture for a second longer, I slowly ticked my head in the direction the movement had come from.



Blake's sleeping face crowded my vision, untroubled and entrancing in his peace. We must have fallen asleep last night in between all of my crying and calming nothings Blake would whisper to me in the my hysteric state.

He held me as I wept in uncontrollable waves of sadness and grief. I'd been the epitome of vulnerable in front of him, someone I hardly knew and should consider my enemy. I should feel ashamed and mortified at how I acted and how weak I let myself be in front of someone I'd known less than two weeks.

But as I searched within myself, I found no remorse for last night.

Instead, I felt this odd sense of comfort and ease about me. It was as if an anvil had been crushing down on my chest since my arrival and finally, last night, it was removed. My body even felt physically lighter than it did yesterday. It was easier to breathe, easier to think, and I never imagined that this easiness would come about by the man currently sleep across from me.

I'd obviously looked at Blake before, but I'd never really seen him until this moment. I'd seen his callous nature, his brooding aura, and sour moods. I'd also witnessed his kindness and rare softness in moments feathered throughout our time together.

In this moment though, I saw him as I'd never seen him before. My eyes skirted across his flawless skin in awe as the sun streamed through his window and basked his face in a golden hue that made him seem angelic. His eyelashes were impossibly long and his lips were parted just so- supple and a delicate shade of pink.

His face was long and his jaw defined. I'd never noticed before how capable and rugged he looked- even in his sleep.

Blake was... hot. He was actually really fucking hot.

How had I never noticed that before?

Before last night, I thought of Blake, but not in a way that was anything but dependent and curious. I liked being around him but more so for safety and simply to have someone to talk to who wasn't actively trying to assault me.

Now, it was as if I was looking at him through new eyes; eyes that appreciated his good looks and put a fit of flutters rumbling around in my chest as I stared upon him. I tried to, but failed to describe to myself what new feelings were circling through my stomach that had begun to stir as of last night.

Last night, I was... unhinged in every mental and emotional capacity and he saw how I crumbled under the pressure of living in this house, but instead of using my weakness against me, he had comforted me. I'd done something that could have gotten him killed by default and yet, he still soothed my pain and held me as I let it all out.

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