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Aarohi 💕


"Sarika.....aaj koi glow nahi kar raha hai kya zyada?"
(Sarika isn't someone glowing today?)

"Haan Mihika didi, aaj toh chehre ka noor hi alag hai"
(Yes Mihika didi someone face is sparkling today)

"Wahi na......sab matching matching. Pink saree, pink shawl and pink cheeks." Mihika pulled Ishita cheeks another time which made her earn glare.
(Yes and all color coordination....Pink saree, pink shawl and pink cheeks)

"Tum dono yahan time pass karne aayi ho toh niklo mere ghar se." Ishita declared in stern voice and started to prepare tea.
(If you both came here to waste my time then get lost)

"Dekha Sarika aisa hi hota hai ek samay ke baad dosto ko koi nahi poochta. Shaadi ke baad aksar dost paraaye ho jaate hai"
(This what happen when your friend got married. Nobody ask for there friend)

"Kam se kam dialogues toh badal leti Mihika Arora. 25 saal pehle bhi wahi dialogues the aur aaj bhi wahi"
(Atleast have courtesy to change the dialogues Mihika. Same 25 years old lines)

"Tu bhi kahan badli? 25 saal pehle bhi pregnant thi aur aaj bhi" Sarika burst into laughter hearing Mihika sarcastic remark and Ishita deadly glares.
(Huhh!!! Same like you.

"Mihika Arora. Get out from my place aur aana mat yahan vaapis" Ishita threw tomato in Mihika direction which surprisingly hit directly on her forehead. Next Ishita threw onion over her and started to chop rest of vegetables.
(Mihika Arora get lost from here and don't try to show me your face again)

"Aiyoo murgun. Kaise kaatil ho gayi hai tu Ishu."
(Oh god!!! You became such wounded lioness)

"Yahan meri lagi padi hai aur tujhe mujh par hasna hai haina? My husband is not ready to spare a glance aur tumhe yahan hasna hai? Get lost or keep your mouth shut" Ishita yelled over her bestie who was grinning on Ishita expenses otherside Ishita started to chop onions after peeling them off. Next she picked eggs and whisked two eggs on bowl and started her preparations for cheese omelet. Mihika and Sarika were astonished seeing Ishita working like robot. They were aware with Ishita hatred for eggs very well and seeing her cooking omelet was nothing less then surprise for the ladies.
(Here my life became hell and you want to laugh over me? Do you know he is not ready to spare a glance on me. Just get lost)

"Ishu...tu husband impress karo mission par hai kya. But Jiju toh tujhse pehle se hi impress hai aur zyada impress karke kya karogi?"
(But why do you want to impress Jiju? Aren't he is already impressed with you?)

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