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We continue to pack and sit back on the bed when we are done.

"Is it alright if I go see Sam?" I ask

"Sure, just don't try to get me jealous" He smirks

"Wouldn't dream of it" I wink and get up.

I make my way to Sam's room. I knock on the door and Jack Johnson opens it.

"Are you in charge of always opening the door?" I laugh

"You could say that! Sam's in the shower but you can wait for him, he wont take long at all"

"Thanks" I say walking into the room, sitting on Sam's bed.

"So you finally said yes to Taylor?" Gilinsky asks. This is the first time he's spoken to me this whole trip.


"You had sex" He expains

"Did Taylor tell you that?"

"No, Jack did. He went to your room, you were showering and Taylor came to the door rather flustered"


"So did you?"

"Yeah" I blush.

"That boy's got game" I hear Sam's voice behind me. "He got the hottest girl here into bed"

"Is that a compliment?"

"Er yeah. So why are you here and not in bed with him?"

"Are you mad at me?" I ask

"No I'm just mad that we are leaving today and I'll probably never see you again"

"I'll make sure we do Sam" I look to Jack J "And Jack" I look to Jack Gilinsky "And you Jack, if you want"

"Sure!" He responds "Sorry I didn't really talk to you"

"It's cool, I didn't try to talk to you either"


"Yup" I respond. "I came to thank you Sam"

"For what?"

"Making me realise that what I wanted"

"Taylor" He finishes for me. I smile and nod.

"Hate to break this up but we have to go for our flight" Jack Gilinsky interupts

"Of course you do! So do Matt, Taylor and I" I get up and hug both Jacks.

"Thanks" I whisper into Johnson's ear. For what though, I'm not sure.

"You too, Bye V"

"Bye guys" I turn to Sam and hug him "Bye Sammy. I had fun."

"Me too" He says. I leave the room and find Taylor in the corridor with our bags.

"Gotta go girlfriend" Taylor laughs "I will not get bored of saying that- girlfriend"

"Shut up" I joke and take his hand.

We arrive at the airport and a few hours later we board our plane. To think that at the start of this I'd just admitted to myself that I was in love with my best friend and now, at the end of it I'm dating him.

Crazy right?

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