Just a maybe

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Kara scolded her valet. This is not how she expected things would be. To think a beautiful woman like Lena agreed to marry her... Of course, there was going to be a catch.

God, she should have seen this coming.

"Oh, come on, Kara! Don't tell me you didn't see the hint in her letters. I'm pretty sure, she refer you as 'my dearest husband' in those letters."

Winn said, trying his hardest not to look at Kara. The valet's eyes were set on the floor. He refused to look at the blonde right now.

"Umm, about that... I ... ummm.... Well..."

Kara stuttered as she played with her fingers. She feel kinda ashamed to say what's on her mind but.. What can she say... That was really the reason she never suspected Lena not knowing her true gender through their letters.

"You what?"

The valet asked as he looked up to see Kara's red face. Almost immediately, the valet looked away from the blonde. God, he wasn't supposed to look at her.

"I thought... We were... you know... Role-playing."

She explain.

"Role what???!?!!?!?!? Why would you think that?????"

This time, Winn can't help but turn to look at the blonde. Although, he is surprised by her answer, there is still a little blush flashed on his face. He tries very hard to focus just on Kara's face.

"Don't judge! You know there are some girls who like to... you know.. Role-playing. I thought Lena was... How do I say this? one of them, maybe? And can you stop that?!"

She didn't mean it, but the last part sounded more like an order than a question. The Phantom could see her valet's face flash a sense of surprise for a split second. He still refuses to look at her though. If anything,  his eyes are now locked with the floor once again.

"Why can't you just look at me for a moment like a normal person does? I have eyes,  Winn. I can see you're doing all this... "

Kara stopped for a moment, taking her time to figure out a word to explain his actions.


She finally continues her speech but she didn't sound so convincing. Probably still debating in her head whether that was the right word for it.

"With your eyes. "

This time she sound more confidence than earlier.

Winn didn't really want to spell it out. He was really hoping that he wouldn't have to spell it out for Kara. Besides, its rude for a gentleman to talk about such things with a lady.

Determination can be seen on Kara's face though. The valet face palmed, and slowly moved his hand to cover his eyes.

"Can you just put on something decent, Kara?  You're still in your bedroom attire. "

He said in an almost whisper voice. His cheeks had become a shade redder than usual.

Then, the big realization hit Kara.

"Ah, yes, I'm a girl. Sorry, I often forget that I'm a girl. This whole 'The Phantom' things really does a wonder to me. What does Alex called it?  Oh, yeah! Gender complex."

She says as she calmly walks towards her closet. Winn shakes his head at how carefree the woman is with him.

Kara was humming softly as she opened her closet to pick which dress she would wear today. A frown immediately appeared on her face.

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