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"So what now?" I ask

"We get dressed and get some food?" Taylor says looking under the covers at me.

"I meant with us" I say holding the covers close to me.

"Oh right. I never got your answer."



"Really" I repeat. He smiles and kisses me softly.

"What are we gonna tell our parents?" He asks "I'm a bit scared of your dad you know"

"He love you like his own Tay, I'm sure he wont mind. My mom will be over the moon."

"I think she'll just be glad it's not Dillon" He adds.

"True" I say. There's a knock on the door. We scramble to get dressed. Taylor throws on a pair of trousers and answers the door. I run to the bathroom and turn on the shower. I climb in.

Seconds later, Taylor slides in beside me under the hot water.

"It was Jack, he was looking for his room key"

"Has he gone?"

"No, he's out sat on the bed we just had sex on, listening to us showering together" He jokes

"You're joking?"

"Are you an idiot? Of course I'm joking" He says before smashing his lips into mine. "We better get some food. You really tired me out" He winks

"Shut up" I say slapping him lightly. He reaches past me and turns the shower off. "Come on" We get out and dry ourselves off.


Once we get back from getting food we begin to pack our stuff.

"Why do I always have more stuff on the way back even when I haven't bought anything" I whine.

"Put it in my stuff"

"Can you believe I was so scared to fly here?"

"You had me so you knew you were safe" He says

"Are we really doing this?" I ask, changing the subject.

"Yeah, are you rethinking it?" He asks

"No, it's just. What will your fans think? They'll hate me"

"Screw them. I love you and that's all that matters"

"I'm not like you, I can't just block out what people say"

"We will get through this together" He says dropping the shirt currently in his hands. He walks over to me and pulls me into a hug.

"I love you" I admit

"I love you too"

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