Chapter 8

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I sat in the drop ship, listening to the storm unfold outside

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I sat in the drop ship, listening to the storm unfold outside. I was still feeling weak, but I had finally eaten something, for the first time since her death. Since I killed her. Raven was trying to get through to the Ark, but was failing, causing Finn's chances of survival to decrease every second. I personally hoped she wouldn't get through to earth. I wasn't ready for that. I wasn't ready for them to come down. I didn't want the, to come down. Not after what they did to me.  It after what they did to my mother. Finn laid dying on a table, knife still inside. I sighed and slowly closed my eyes, wanting to go back to sleep.
     Just as I had fallen asleep, a voice finally answered Raven's through the radio. Damnit. She had gotten through to the Ark.
     "This is Raven Reyes, I'm from Mecca station. I'm transmitting from the ground," I heard her say, my chances of not seeing my father ever again, crushed. "The hundred are alive. Please, you need to get doctor Abby Griffin. Doctor Abby Griffin. Now."
     "Mom, it's me," Clarke said.
     "Clarke?" Abby replied, sounding as if she might cry. Pathetic.
     "Mom I need your help," Clarke was quick to say. "One of our people was stabbed by a grounder." That must've sound crazy for the elite currently listening to this.
     "Clarke, this is the chancellor. Are you saying there's survivors on the ground?" Jaha asked through the radio. I thought Bellamy killed him. What a lousy shot.
     "Yes. The earth is survivable, we're not alone," she said, sounding oh so serious. She really did think she was the princess of earth. Silence was all that could be heard on the other side of the channel. "Mom, he's dying. The knife's still in his chest."
     "Okay, can you patch me through to medical?" Abby said, finally breaking the silence.
     "Clarke, is my son with you?" Jaha asked. Poor man. I almost felt bad for a second. Until I heard his voice.
     "Is Alice there to? Is my daughter with you?" Kane asked. I hadn't called him father in years, and I was almost certain he didn't think of me as a daughter. Only a bi-product of having sex with my mother. Silence filled the drop ship. I felt everyone's eyes on me. Well, there goes not being one of the privileged.
     "Wells was killed by a 12-year-old, then said 12-year-old killed herself in remorse. But I'm still kicking. Sorry to disappoint you Kane," I said, leaving everyone, not wanting to be there anymore. I went up the latter on to the upper level of the drop ship. I didn't want to be there when the rest of that conversation unfolded.
     I felt the drop ship move a bit, as the storm went on raging. Just as I had found comfort in my solitude, it was ruined by a certain Blake, making his way up the ladder, carrying a certain grounder. Just as they were tying the grounder up, she started waking up, putting up a fight. None of the, had noticed me yet. Then, Octavia decided to join the party. She hadn't looked my way since that conversation in the cave. The grounder stopped fighting when he saw Octavia. The way he looked at her, as if she was some sort of saint, didn't go unnoticed.
     "Octavia, get out of here," Bellamy tried, as Octavia was walking towards the grounder.
     "I told you, he was protecting me. Protecting us. You didn't have to do this," she said, looking at the grounder as if she might break down and cry at any moment.
     "This isn't about you. I'm doing this for all of us," Bellamy tried to argue, but Octavia wasn't having it. I still couldn't believe they hadn't noticed me yet.
     "You did that for all of us?"
     "I did that for Finn and Jasper and Diggs and John and Roma," Bellamy said, clearly getting upset. To bad his little inflatable sex-doll got killed.
     "That wasn't even him," Octavia said, begging Bellamy to not do this. Why shouldn't he? This was as much character as that man could get.
     "You don't know that. We need to know what we're up against. How many there are, and why they're killing us. And he's gonna tell us, right now," Bellamy said, walking closer to the grounder.
     "No, Bellamy, please," Octavia begged, grabbing his arm.
     "Get her out of here," he said, clearly done talking to his little sister.
     "I was there, I. Hey, get off of me," Octavia yelled as she was being dragged downstairs. You could see the grounder fighting his chains, trying to help her. How sweet. Little Octavia Blake, in love with a grounder. "I don't even think he speaks English." Finally, she walked downstairs, leaving the grounder.
     "So what are you planning to do know?" I asked him, finally making my presence known. He quickly turned around, to see me sitting in a seat, on the other end of the room.
     "You don't need to see this," he said, sounding almost worried. I couldn't help but chuckle.
     "We both know I've done plenty worse than torturing someone," I said, smirking as I stood up from my seat, and walked closer to Bellamy and the grounder. "But you haven't. So I suggest you let me do the work, and you can go off to fuck something." He didn't even scoff as I'd thought.
     "What happened to you? Why do you act like you don't care?" He asked, clearly upset. I chuckled before moving even closer to him.
     "Because I don't care. You could put a knife in my heart this very moment, and I couldn't even bat an eye. I don't care Bellamy. I don't feel anything anymore. And you know what? The best part of having no emotions is that I can think rationally. So move over and let me do the work. Be both know you'll just feel bad in a few days anyway." He looked at me as if I was crazy. Maybe I was, who was to tell. He turned around, ignoring me as I'd done for days after her death.

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