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It's been nearly a week since Sam and I chose our car. It's been very reliable, and I find myself being around it more often than I normally would be. By that I mean if I'm outside doing something, I'll bring it out of the garage and play music from its radio. Or if I just want to sit somewhere warm, I'll bring it out and leave it in the sun, coming out later to sit on its hood while I do homework or play chess with Sam.

Speaking of Sam, my relationship with my brother has definitely gotten better. Through our car, we share the responsibilities, share the cost of petrol, and cleaning duty. We're nice to each other. And it sort of makes me sad that we didn't have that before. But either way, I'm just happy that we're getting along.

"Pumpkin, haven't you got dance practice today?" Damn, I did. The rain was merciless today. Friday wasn't too bad; I caught the bus to school. But today, a gloomy Saturday, I opted to take our car instead. Sam was hesitant in letting me take it, and I swear, that boy was going to confess his love for it soon.

I packed a duffle bag with my dance gear and grabbed an umbrella, thanking Sam mentally for putting our car away the previous night. Throwing my bag in the back seat, I started him up, using the garage opener I'd put in the glove box to open the garage without getting out. As I pulled out of the driveway, I turned on the radio, not really fussed about what I wanted to listen to.

The rain hadn't lessened and continued to thrum against the outside of my car as I drove towards my dance studio. When I say 'my', I mean my old dance teacher let me use it during her off days. I tapped my fingers against the steering wheel to the beat of a pop song coming from the radio. I knew it from somewhere, but the name escaped me.

"Gosh, I hate winter..." I had to stop at an intersection and passed the time by watching raindrops race each other down the windshield. The radio crackled, but I passed it off as being old, or in need of repairs. The light turned green, and I continued on down the road. My dance studio came closer, as the rain became heavier and heavier.

As I parked outside the studio, my phone buzzed. "Fuck off Sam..." I checked my phone, confirming that it was indeed Sam. He wanted me to bring home Chinese food after practice since mom and dad were going out on a date. I took great precaution before getting out, meaning I shouldered my duffel bag, grabbed my umbrella, and opened it as soon as I opened my door.

It was a mad dash to the front door, unlocking it and running inside. I dumped my stuff in the corner of the studio, taking my dancing clothes to the bathroom so I could change. My 'dance gear' wasn't even real gear. It was yoga pants and a sports bra, plus a loose tank top to wear over my sports bra so I was modest.

It was a good feeling, walking into an empty studio. Apart from the rain, it was quiet and peaceful. A stereo was set up in one corner, and I plugged in my phone, setting Katy Perry's Wide Awake to play.

"I'm wide awake."

The first few beats of the song began, and I allowed my body to move on its own, following the soft drum beats.

"I'm wide awake, yeah I was in the dark, I was fallin' hard, with an open heart,"
"I'm wide awake,"
"How did our rhythm start to wrong, oh."

Although I didn't relate to the lyrics, having never been in love before, I still listened closely to the emotions Katy sang with. My arms curled as I moved, feet finding their places as I moved across the studio, keeping my movements neat and tidy.

"I'm wide awake."
"And now it's clear to me, that everything you see, ain't always what it seems,"
"I'm wide awake."
"Yeah, I was dreaming for so long."

My old dance teachers warnings sounded in the back of my mind. "Back straight, shoulder to knee ratio must be perfect." Oh, how I loved my old dance teacher. Her name is Maria, and she's strict as all hell. But I had her to thank for my discipline, and for my posture. She was a godsend.

"I wish I knew then, would've known now,"
"Wouldn't dive in, wouldn't bow down,"
"Gravity hurts, you made it so sweet,"
"Till I woke up, up on the concrete."

Tilting my head back every so slightly, I got lost in the feeling of dancing, of my feet moving across the floor, of my body copying the beat of the music. Dancing was a beautiful thing. I hoped to be a dancer when I was older. After University.

"Fallin' from cloud nine,"
"Crashing from the high,"
"I'm letting go tonight,"
"Yeah I'm fallin' from cloud nine."

A sudden crash came from outside, interrupting my concentration. Did a tree fall on my car? Oh god- Sam would literally kill me! I ran to the front door, poking my head out into the rain for a few seconds. My car was fine. The wooden sign that was usually attached to the next door cafe was broken, pieces of it strewn across the concrete car park.

"Damn, I'll have to tell them next time they're open." Shaking my head, I went back inside, continuing to focus on my dancing. I went through my whole dance playlist, and a few extra faster songs.

By that time, I was sweaty and gross, and ready to go home. I didn't bother to change, simply throwing some water on my face in the bathroom, and drying off with the towel in my duffel bag.

My car was still in its spot, thank god. I ran out to it after locking the front door of the dance studio, hiding beneath my umbrella. As soon as I shut the door behind me, the heaters came on without me even touching them.

"Alrighty then..." Ignoring the strangeness of it, I bathed in the warmth it gave me. I started my car and pulled out of the parking lot, almost forgetting to pick up Chinese food for Sam and I.

Luckily, there was a Chinese place just down the road from our house, that our family visited often. "Hello, Rosalie!" Míngjíao, the woman that owned the place greeted me as soon as I walked in.

"Hi, Míng. It's just Sam and I tonight. Can I get two fried rice, and a serving of egg rolls?" I knew Sam loved egg rolls. "Sure thing. On the house this time, since you're coming up to your fourth anniversary of being a customer here!" Míngjíao is so adorable. She remembers these things.

"Thank you Míng. I'll be sure to bring Sam in next time so he can say hi." Míngjíao was quick with my order since there were only a few people at the tables. "Here's your order Rosalie!" She was one of the few people who called me by my full name.

"Thanks again. See you next time Míng!" She waved to me as I left with the hot bag of Chinese food. I had to run through the rain again, and yet again, as soon as I got into my car, the heaters came on.

"I'm gonna have to get that fixed." The drive home was uneventful, and I parked our car in the garage, before carrying my bag and the Chinese food inside. "Sam, I'm home!"

Sam was on the Chinese food before I'd even taken off my shoes. "Jeez, leave some egg rolls for me why don't you. And Míngjíao said hi, apparently it's our fourth anniversary of being customers at her place."

Sam chuckled, taking a seat at the dining table with his box of friends rice. "That woman is so thoughtful." I sat opposite Sam, tucking into my Chinese food. For some reason, all I could think about was when I would next drive our car.


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