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Edited on: February 7, 2019

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My knees are trembling and my insides are churning in agitation. I can't even stop my heart from shuddering because of fear. How could I stay calm when Kyrios is beside me sitting casually while the reporters are getting ready for the interview?

I thought when I woke up a week ago, I can change my path. That I will not be seeing Kyrios or hear anything about him. But I'm wrong. Why do I have to meet him in this world?! Can't I have a peaceful life?!

I wanted to cry but stopped myself from doing so or else rumours about us will not stop spreading like a wildfire. I clutched the hem of my dress before turning my head towards Kyrios. Looking at his calm demeanor, my anger elevated more. What's wrong with him?! Why is he so calm when I'm not?!

"Good morning, Your Majesty. Good morning, Lady Celestine. Thank you for having us here." We both nodded in acknowledgment. "First question, how long have you two been dating?"

I sighed before opening my mouth to speak. "We are not here to talk about our relationship because in the first place... there isn't." I said with confidence but with repugnance apparent on my voice. The reporters, however, looked at us with confusion written all over their faces.

"What do you mean, Lady Celestine?"

Kyrios narrowed his eyes on me but my confidence did not falter. "What happened yesterday was a mistake... a huge mistake."

Kyrios continued on my behalf. "Celestine and I are just friends." I almost coughed out blood when I heard him say the word friends. What a hypocrite! When did we even become friends?! Liar!

"She went to Camp Alpha to visit us but Alexa was late so when the media saw us yesterday, they mistakenly thought that she's my girlfriend." Wow! What an excuse! I did not let him speak more lies and since I don't want to see his ugly face anymore, I stood up and spoke. "I am not His Majesty's girlfriend because first of all he's not my type and I already have a boyfriend. Alexa, his girlfriend is outside so I'll just let her in and you can interview her instead of me."

I exited the suffocating room with inimitable grace, leaving them with their mouth hanging open and admiration apparent on their eyes except of course with Kyrios who has his usual emotionless face. Whatever.

I left them with a smile. Finally, I can go home and I could sleep peacefully without worrying about the rumours anymore.

The same limousine was waiting outside and Peter was already opening the door for me.

I told Peter to take me home. Being a good and obedient chauffeur, he quickly turned the engine on and drive me home.

One month later...

"Miss Celestine." I turned my head towards the source of the voice. Sigh. It was Roland, my Dad's butler. I'm now currently reading a book entitled 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle' inside the library (of course). It is a series of seven fantasy novels by C. S. Lewis. I put the book on the table and regarded him disdainfully. This better be very important.

"What is it, Roland?"

I smiled at him but his cheeks turned tomato red so I frowned. "What's wrong? Are you sick?" He shook his head. "I am fine, Miss. Your father wishes to see you in his study room now."

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