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What do I do? You're probably like: why the hell would she even think twice about dating Taylor caniff? What would you do if you were in my shoes? He's known as the bad, rude and weird one of the magcon boys. But it's not that. It's the fact that he is a magcon boy. I don't know if I could deal with the constant reminder that i have to be perfect- I can't make mistakes. The fans will hate me.

Taylor says he's confident because he doesn't care what anyone thinks, but that's not the case for me. I can't just block out every hateful thing that comes my way. I mean, the girls on the beach don't even know me and yet they still say horrible things.

"Veronica!" I hear behind me "Veronica! Slow down" I turn to see Johnson running up behind me. "Wanna talk?"

"Is it always that crazy?" I ask

"Not when we are at home. Only at magcon"


"But you knew that- you live next to Taylor don't you?"

"Yeah I do"

"I think he likes you. You're all he ever talks about. I basically know everything about you just from what he's told me. Your eye colour, height, shoe size, bra size, turn ons, turn off, fears-"

"Bra size?"


"Oh my god. Why would he tell you that?"

"He's infactuated with you. He tries to drop your name into the conversation all the time. Ever since I first met him."


"Would I lie about that?"

"I don't know, I don't know you like you know me" I laugh

"Blue, 5'8.5, 8.5, girls, guys, spiders"


"Eye colour, height, shoe size, turn ons, turn offs and fears"

I laugh "What about bra size?"

"I'll let you in on a little secret- I don't wear bras. I like to be free" He laughs, making me laugh.

"No way!" I say playing along with the joke.

"Just give him a chance? He knows you're freaked out by the fans"

"Thanks Jack. You better get back to your adoring fans"

He looks behind him. "You are beautiful"


"I heard what those girls said- they're wrong"

I pull him into a hug "Thanks Jack"

"Anytime Veronica"

"Call me V"

"Okay V" He winks.

"I'll see you later at your magcon performance"

"Okay! Oh V- can you look after my room card? I don't want to lose it" He says handing over a small hotel room key.

"Sure. Bye Jack!"

"Bye" He goes back to the boys and I walk back to the hotel.


It's 7:53pm and Jack, Jack, Sam and Taylor aren't back yet. Magcon starts at 8. I try calling each of them but they dont reply. What do I do? They're going to be late and Bart will scream at them.

I look around the room and find Taylor's backpack. I empty out the rubbish from inside and stuff and complete outfit for Taylor inside. I grab both keys and run to Jack, Jack and Sam's room. I let myself in and grab enough clothes for the 3 boys. I look out the window and just about manage to see the boys playing in the sea. I look at my phone- 7:57pm. I run down to the lobby as fast as I can.

"Veronica Jones" I hear Bart's voice behind me. I spin on my heels. "Where is Jack, Jack and Taylor?"

"They're on their way" I lie and run out the door towards the beach.


"Guys. Magcon. Starting in" I say out of breath as look at my phone "2 minutes ago"

"No. No. No. No. This can't be happening" Jack J says pacing across the beach.

"Guys chill!" I take the clothes out and throw them at each of the boys"

"V how did you even think of this?" Taylor asks hugging me.

"Let's go!" Jack Gilinsky says. We run back to the hotel. The show has started and Shawn is performing his single 'Life of the Party'. We join the rest of the magcon members onstage and Bart stares at us. I shrug and try to enjoy Shawn's performance.

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