The Lizardmen

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The lizardmen
were green and blue
lanky and bright-hued
like paint on a canvas
before the mixing happens,
and their eyes were bright
amber gemstones that could
snapshot any moment
of time like a camera.
Immensely predatorial,
and also territorial,
they are the boogeyman
that haunts us after
we grow up from
the easier monsters.

They came at us,
hissing, some throwing
javelins made of graphene,
mithral, starmetal, or meteorite,
others taunting us, telling us
everything we've believed
is no longer true,

as Buttercup
and Phoebe rear
on their hinds, saying,
"Shine your camera lights
in our eyes," their gloved
paws poised for
a scratch, claw,
and bite fist-fight.

Hooman #A directed his phone
light into Buttercup's eyes
so she could laser
the closest lizardman
to ash while Phoebe lunged
into the next predator
with her fangs bared
and tail poofed large.


First draft: October 18
Word count: 151

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