15:\\ All Bored

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Sick and tired of everything I stood awake staring at the sky and thinking of Violet Veowsalot. Who thinks of someone this much? Apparently me. The way she looked at the party, the way I felt...

It was as though I could see the future in that instant and I stared at the darkness below my feet. It was plain boring and black. Nothing special about the ground I walked on despite what everyone thinks.

Our first fight. "Don't antagonize me Aaron! We're in this together! That's what a relationship is about!"

"I want so much more from you, and you're giving me raindrops at a time."

"We have a life time."

As soon as the phrases shredded my brain, they disappeared.

Was I developing new... could they even be called powers? Could I see the future? This felt like a strange episode of that's so Raven where I somehow became Raven.

I turned on my side to stare at the digital clock. In green, the time read 12:37 am. I had to sleep eventually... I had a test tomorrow after all. Math that I didn't even study for. I didn't have to. I could just hear others thought processes and figure it out.

My mind was in flames and not planning on ending. I shut my eyes, forcing myself to sleep. The pillow was too hot, I could feel my eyelids, the room was too cold, and Violet was still on my mind. I imagined myself asking her to date me.

No. Too far Aaron.


The words fell into an abyss as sleep finally took me.


A loud ringing woke me up and I groaned at the sound. Seven a.m.

I had exactly one hour to shower and be at school. I stretched for the first time in the six hours I'd slept, a familiar ache in my back rippling throughout my body.

One day. Get through this one day.

I drove to Rosemond on this cold winter morning, letting the breeze fly through my still-wet hair. I didn't have time to do anything with it this morning.

As soon as I parked, my eyes landed on the familiar long black hair of a person who I'd thought of far too much. Her back was to me as she pulled things from her car, her sweater and jeans leaving everything to the imagination.

I watched her for a few more moments until she pulled her backpack over her shoulder and shut her car door. Her eyes landed on mine for an instant as she turned and I just kept staring. I couldn't hear what she was thinking today... maybe she'd figured a way to block me out.

I wanted to talk to her. Ask her if she knew anything about mindreaders... she was so smart, she might know something.

I kept my eyes trained on her as she turned around for the second time to look at me, a blush on her face and a smile at the edge of her eyes showed me she wanted me to talk to her.

So I got out of the car just as her smiling eyes turned to shock and she began speed walking away. I was confused... what kind of signal is that?

"Violet." I heard myself say as she halted in her tracks. She'd just entered the school and now stood in the hallway entrance of Rosemond High school. Soon we would end up in math class so I can steal her knowledge and get an A.

"Hi Aaron?" She said, sounding more like a question. At a closer glance, I could see the dark circles under her eyes, as if she hadn't slept in days. I wondered what she'd been up to recently but refused to get too personal. Her eyes also showed a hint of white beneath, a puffiness that only shows when you've been crying. It became a struggle to zone in on my own thoughts as the loud clammer of the hallway's students shouted in my ear and for once, it wasn't about me.

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