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Mage's POV

You and I we don't wanna be like them, we can make it till the end. Nothing can come between~

I opened my eyes slowly, and tapped my phone. I don't remember playing songs last night. I looked at the clock, it's 8 in the morning, I sit up and slowly stood up and headed to my bathroom and did my daily morning routine.

I closed my bathroom door and headed downstairs to the kitchen. Nana isn't here. Well, that's the first. I am about to grab some water from the refrigerator when I noticed some note that says,

Hey, good morning. Your mom and dad is already at work. And I know you're wondering where is Nana, she's in the market with Witty. Well, me, I am at the back yard. Smile, it makes you more pretty. xx -J

I blushed. I sticked the note back to the ref and headed to the back yard. I guess he is chilling out.

I opened the door to reveal everyone. Wow. It's beautiful, it has been a long time since the backyard was fixed with decorations. To tell you, my other friends was here, good thing they are not the fake ones tho. But wait, what's the event? They are all in dresses and stuffs while I am in my sleeping shorts and sweat shirt. I smiled and looked for Jack, he is a complete lier. I spotted Jack, he is coming towards me with a bouquet hidden in his back.

"What is happening? You're a lier." I stated puzzled and he chuckled. My heart is beating fast.

"I am going to tell you something. And then I am going to ask you something afterwards. Listen to me okay?" Jack said and I nodded. I think I look like an apple right now.

"When I first saw you at the beach, I felt something different. But I became scared. Scared that I'll fall in love with you cause I know that I'll only hurt you and I am also scared because I thought when you really get to know me, you'll leave just like others do. But no, I became open to you and you're still here. I am thankful for that. Now.. I am going to ask you. Will you be my girlfriend?" Jack asked while smiling and I froze. I blushed more and lower down my head. My heart is beating very fast right now. I looked at Jack's eyes and smiled.

"Please pinch my cheeks." I said and he chuckled while pinching my cheeks. It is true. This is all true.

"Now, will you be my girlfriend?" Jack asked while chuckling.

I looked at mom and dad and they are both smiling while nodding.

"Yes!" I shouted and they all clapped and howled. I saw that Jack froze. I hugged him and he hugged back after shouting 'yes' and after fist bumping into the air.